Pay Back

Sunday, June 20, 2010
I help a lot of people. I am not a charity, I do not have one but to show kindness does not have to be always that way. I give advices, lend a hand over undoable-by-one-person things, I sometimes contribute financially for as long as I have enough to share, I help in coping up with situations that seem impossible to get over with and my charitable list goes on and on.

And people may or may not be able to notice my generosity and all, it would not matter to me. But there came a point in my life that I was asking for a return. Asking for a repay for all the good things I have done. I did not ask for a material pay-back. Selfishness it may sound, but I am asking for reward, better treatment. They say when you do good, good things will come your way. And since I do good acts, shouldn't I be given a reward in return?

I did every best thing I could just for you. At first, I never thought of asking for a repayment but you know, I need you to see the goodness in me, not the dark side you just created in your imagination, not even asking for my opinion on how the whole-animated-thing-in-your-mind would look like much of reality enough to be compared to the great AVATAR movie. Keeping the exaggeration aside, I just need you to see the significance, the essence of why I am doing all these to you. Why can't you just sit and think if you're worthy for my kindness? Mull over it!

Well, this is just so life. Maybe I do good but it does not have to come back right away. The things I've done have touched many lives in a full circle. Perhaps, I should not be asking for return because there were things in my life that were in many ways brought me happiness and contentment and must be in fact, the returns for the good things I have done. You may not be that payer of the pay back I really wanted but you've paid me back with lessons. Lessons that I could someday share with someone else who needs them.

But mull over it please...


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