Me On Paralleled-Many Worlds

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Lately, I've been much into sci-fi things. I am learning new things that I consider both intellectually and emotionally overwhelming and to some point, disturbing, as I live through this existence - my life.

The first time I've realized that I was too innocent about life was when I read "Beyond The Quantum". At first, I believed the semi-facts revealed on this book were totally absurd and inconceivable but somehow, I was able to consider that past, present and future are all happening NOW. They are happening simultaneously, which means that we cannot change the past nor the future since they are immutable just the same as the unchangeable present. So what is TIME exactly? As we understood, it is what makes past as past, present as present and future as future. The difference between future and present and past is what we call TIME.

But if all these happen at the same time, probably, that would mean that while you were about to click the link to my blog, you are also reading my blog entry, and finishing reading my blog, all at the same time. At one point, I understood this theory, it helped explain that destiny really exists. That my future is already written. That my actions in the past, present and future are already set in stone. FATE.

But can we, at the same instant, believe in both FATE and FREE WILL? I have once posted this on FB. What about the times that we'd have to choose in between different choices? What about FREE WILL? Our own volitions? So if the future's fixed thus, it would mean that the result can be determined by our future just while we are choosing in between two things. I guess I am also a believer of "many-worlds interpretation" theory and it might be justified.

ABC's Lost series which I have been an avid fan of, somewhat illustrates the "string" theory in which the characters in the story experienced same situations with different outcomes at different parallel timelines. Many-worlds interpretation is I guess, relates to this theory too. We possibly experience both options though as explained in the theory, happened on different worlds, or another timeline if I interpreted it well. So maybe, if I turned right on this world, on my another world, I turned left.

But as you can see, we all live in a common time frame, what I have become, what happened to everyone on this type of world, timelime, or whatever you call it --- is what we realize, is what we are aware of. This is the world our consciousness recognizes.

Flashforward, a TV series that I am currently being addicted to, also supports the theory of many-worlds interpretation. The story further exemplifies time-travel. And though, I somewhat believe that someday, we can have a peek on our future, I don't agree on the concept that we can actually remember future events back to present. You know, if the future is fixed and we may able to perceive it, that would provide preconception therefore, giving us more FREE WILL, which also means, we can make a choice to make our future mutable. The see-the-future-back-to-present would be a hoax. And it would not constitute the theory anymore. The "fixed future" is disputed. Unless, if it would be executed and presented on different worlds, making it a "fixed one" for each string.

Well, I am just expressing what bothered me a lot lately. Well, I believe in forever. I am present forever. My consciousness is eternal. I may not be residing in this body for limitless time but I am certain, my thoughts represent me in "whenever".

P. S. I wonder how many branch trees the universe allocates for every possible decisions we make. And the bit size it apportions for every output presented on different worlds. I guess, many-worlds interpretation require lots of logical operations and lots of outputs. Damn. Glad, I am not the universe's programmer.


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