LOST Forever

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Finally, ABC’s LOST came to an end. Last Tuesday was the most mindblowing finale episode I have ever seen in my entire life. Though, it was aired all over the world for six years divided into six different seasons, I started watching this mysterious film last year, actually making it less than a year for me to keep up through the exciting and never-disappointing episodes.

Lost has provided me with lots of mysteries and questions for the first seasons and admittedly, it has still left me with endless questions, even worse after the show ended. Like what was the island? Like were the people dead all through the whole series? Like what was Jacob really? And more, and more… Until now, I have been rethinking for the plot’s flaws and I ended up realizing that LOST was about life. Realities of life. LOST has provided me with lots to ponder, situationsto analyze, events to wonder, and most of all, LOST has helped me coincide both faith and scientific points.

Scientifically, I become more convinced that each of us exists at different timelines however, all events, all experiences happen at once. I define time as a delay for everything. Since I have read “Beyond The Quantum” and “The Secret”, I believe the possibility of multidimensional-everything. In this series, it illustrated a mirror universe where everything exists on different parallel paths. This theory is somewhat similar to popular scientist’s “String Theory” or remarkably called, “Theory of Eveything”.

By faith, the show exhibits how good must always win over evil and how every event follows a desired pattern if good choices are made after another. The show succeeded on telling the audience how believing in one thing could make a difference. Faith. Furthermore, the intriguing finale episode showed a Christian-influenced theme where the dead casts were finally prepared to move on the next phase of their lives which actually as depicted in the episode, was an afterlife, a heaven-like place though not really, just a very bright light outside a church. But anyway, with this show, I realized believing unto something is really powerful.

I have really learned a lot from this show and it literally broke my heart that I would not be able to see this show forever. I really loved LOST. And now, I think I should too, move on…


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