Thursday, May 6, 2010
Last night, I dreamed of being in a battle. It was realistic. I felt like I was in the army. It was like I was really holding a firearm and was never afraid to fire bullets. The scenario was set in a forest where I also struggled swimming through a swamp. Funny it seemed that I dreamed such thing but I recalled that when I was still in high school, I wanted to be a policewoman or to be a soldier. I wanted to carry a gun and I thought I'd never be scared to use it.

When I woke up this morning, I thought of blogging it. You know, the "SECRET" has encouraged me to write about things I want to become, I want to acquire, I want to possess. Though, it's not too late to become a policewoman or a soldier but since, a good height is required, certainly, I cannot become one. But then, God must have a reason why He guided me to choose a different path from what I have dreamed to take before because in fact, the field I have chosen has chosen me too.

The battlefield in information technology is far better though, more complicated than the real battlefield. In IT, you fight against exploitation. And you always have to risk security to determine your defense. Your advantage is information. Your enemies are those who are antagonistic to the concept of development. In the real battlefield, determination, strength, agility and bravery are the qualities you need to possess. While in the IT battlefield, intelligence and forbearance are mostly required.

I dreamed of being in a war. And I realized it was figuratively illustrating to where I am now. I am an IT soldier and I am alone. I have no allies but I am worth a battalion. I can create chaos but please don't be afraid because I have sense of right and wrong. I am not violent but I know enough of harm. I may not be able to fire a gun but the information I possess is somehow as powerful as bullet that can incapacitate anyone.

I am an IT soldier. Tough and Smart. Palag ka? :p


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