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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last night, I attended presidential candidate, Mr. Gilberto "Gibo" Teodoro's rally at Rizal Park. His partymate, Vice-Presidential candidate, Mr. Edu Manzano, senatorial candidates, Rey Langit and Bebot Bello were also there to win over the people's support for the coming May 10 elections.

Three weeks to go before the final decision of the citizenry will be discerned. And the mudslingings between candidates are getting worse than the previous days, withdrawal of support from different candidates to their partymates shows traditional politics still subsist, and consistent survey results incessantly misinform or influence the people on who should they vote for elections. And I am really, really sad because I'm deeply affected with all these events.

As a first-time voter for presidential elections, I always make sure to have the up-to-date information with regards to the candidates' activities, platforms etc. Information is what the people NEED to acquire so to be more intelligent and careful on who to choose this coming elections. And I am very upset because the TV media which is one of the most effective tools for info dissemination, has been unfair in disseminating the information to the people that often misleads or misdirects the way the people should decide on who to vote.

I am a passive supporter of Mr. Gibo. I am not actively campaigning for him. I just let people around me decide for the right person to vote for. I don't want to influence them, I want them to realize themselves the way they should evaluate a candidate before they'll vote for them. And while I am not actively campaigning for the candidates I have long decided to vote for in the next few weeks, I am somehow actively voicing out my opinions here on my blog and on my twitter, and facebook, where I've also heard some of the witty, desperate, ignorant, and mostly, i-don't-care-who-the-next-president-will-be people. And I've come to realize that only few understand the true essence of having a democratic country.

I say, to choose for the right candidate requires conscience-driven intellect. Decisions influenced not by impulse caused by entropy of bias information, but decisions induced by enough knowledge and moral sense.

When I attended the rally last night, I realized that it's not me who should have been there but the people who thinks oppositely to me,people who need more awareness. Mr. Manzano was right, we should not shout our right candidate's name to the people who already knew that he's the right candidate but to people who HAS STILL A NEED TO KNOW that this person is the right and the most qualified candidate...

So, I'll now leave to you the responsibility on deciding for a smart vote on May 10, 2010. Good luck...

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  • tama jud ka glay... naa man pud ko lastnight sa rally nia,nka.gren shirt ko...i vote for green...!!! aja!!! hehe..

  • hannah rhea

    I am still undecided for the presidential position but I am seriously considering Gibo and Noynoy to be my top two bets!

    Gibo looks promising but the fact that he is in the administration makes me think negative thoughts about him.. kekeke sorry..
    but I super acknowledge that he is smart and stuff...

    maybe I will vote for him or for noy noy! kekeke

  • informaxona

    they are both smart but different perspectives...

    what if pala nagkataon nga c noynoy pro administration? will you still consider him?

  • informaxona

    gibo said,

    "It is I who should be the focus, not the administration. I have my own views, goals, achievements, and the capacity to govern. It is convenient, of course for the opposition to use the administration line of attack, but I believe our people will be able to see through such a tactic."

  • informaxona

    He added, "I think it's time that Filipinos will be able to judge a person more objectively than mere association. After all, life is not a basketball team all the time.

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