Learning A Lot

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's been a while since the last time I posted something about my work... And unfortunately I cannot share everything anymore about my job since I believe someone has been monitoring my online activities recently though he didn't confess... hehe Anyway, it's for the company's sake.. I will try to be more careful on writing about the nature of my job alright...:)

Well, next month will be my 1st job-sary and the past 11 months were really about changing the way I think and act and decide as Ilearn more and more from my job... For the first three months, my job's mostly clerical. And then suddenly, there were transitions as the other software development assistant AWOLed and I took over on her tasks... tasks that are generally, analytical...

I have experienced both extremes on my job... I succeed and I failed. I received great compliments, and so , worst criticisms. I scored either 100 or 0 to my boss. Several times did I think of resigning from my job, and fortunately with papa's encouraging advices and words of wisdom, I eventually become more open-minded and smarter to make decisions. I accept that it's a reality that in every workplace, these things are commonplace. We do not hate challenges, we actually love them...

DISCIPLINE and GOOD ATTITUDE are what I am mainly gaining from my job. Well I actually had lots of these before and I believe I have more of them now...:) My workplace is where you will always see busy and hardworking people, employees who are trembling if not ready otherwise, confident, when called to proceed to his OFFICE. This is the company that never fails to give me adrenaline rush when we realize that he's coming back soon and I should be ready to prepare all the reports. And our every first encounter is either breathless or breathless.haha My boss has several temperaments in which I slowly learned to understand and cope up... And....well, I actually still have lots to share but you know I have my limits.. Will keep you "bitin" for now...

Well, I am learning a lot!


  • wow.. heads up ko nmo ana...pero, masuya lang ko sahay sa imo mga kauban...haha..kabalo nka..dont worry,i dnt wanna start a fight..

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