How Disappointing

Friday, April 16, 2010
Yesterday, I was some kinda tested on how strong my defense mechanism is. And I wonder if they got desirable results. I was really annoyed because I believe that I really do not have any idea up to now what they are blaming me of. Well, should I be flattered that they think that I am the one who’s putting them at risk since they believe, I have the capacity to do it or should I be embarrassed because they see me as so dumb to do those things without considering them twice or thrice or nth times?

Well, the “online stuff” is creating security issues lately and I am proud to say (haha…) that they are hooked. Clap Clap on that… Finally, here comes the techAGE for them. Well, I also had worries with my online activities before,I did not mind sharing my very personal details online, I signed up to several sites without paying attention to the risks that it may cause or whatsoever. So now, since I’ve learned enough about these dangers, I minimize my info sharing on the net just to be sure that I cannot blame myself for wrongful ignorance in the future, and I am about 90% sure that typing my name on Google will return agreeable results on my part displaying safe details about me… Well leave that 10% as my error on computing the probability (not so good on this subject by the way).

And so going back to the real topic, they are disturbed (very disturbed) about the fact that the web archive stores a very significant stuff about them and now, I am the NUMBER ONE person who they think, can CREATE or who just CREATED the “harm” I have never once imagined to do, not until they gave me such useful idea… :)

So what makes me so disappointed about them is that never they realized that I actually understood the language they were trying to speak to me before yesterday. And what I think they are, was ACTUALLY NOT I thought of them the whole time before, not even close. And that makes me perfectly smarter than them. And whatever goal they were trying to accomplish after yesterday’s encounter, I wonder how bad the results were.

You cannot outsmart a person who always thinks profoundly.


  • basi nasuya to siya nmo kay mas smart man ka keysa sa iyaha...i mean, your boss..haha.. na.challenge jud siya nmo..;)

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