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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
A recent article published in Tech101 Manila Bulletin amazed me. The future of external hard drive is here - Western Digital My Book Elite. This external hard drive can hold up to 2 terabytes or 2,000 gigabytes of data that can absolutely name its owner a "data hoarding thief" as described by the article author, Allan D. Francisco. He actually somewhat jested that the Filipino government officials may have been involved in the development of this portable data storage device, why? You can hoard all the data you want for as long as it will not exceed its capacity (which I say, inconceivable knowing that 2TB is really a lot!), a perfect analogy to some of our corrupt government officials as they say.

Now, WD My Elite Book 2TB has several features which might more impress you (are there anymore impressive stuffs than its size capacity by the way?) Well, it offers data back up options and back up schedules. It also supports AES 256-bit hardware encryption (which I think, must be really hard to decrypt), this encryption is both available on Mac and Windows. An eInk display tells the user how much remaining space on the WD My Elite Book. Furthermore, it has a cooling system so, it'd run quietly while you are busy hoarding data :). By the way, it has also an embedded software called SmartWare, it helps you classify all files by file extensions, well, other unknown file extensions are thrown to "Others" category. While you might still be wondering what to store on this device, you might also be wondering of the span of time before you'll finish transferring all the data to hoard on this gigantic stuff, well, I tell you, with only one connectivity option which is via Mini 2.0 USB, the author testifies that the transfers can be "all done with ease and not-to-be-ashamed-of time". So I guess, that sounds fair enough.

Well, I need to make more or less PhP 12,500.00 to own a Western Digital My Book Elite 2TB so to be a professional data hoarder... haha Indeed, I am so lazzzzzzyyyyy to let go of my bulks of files, and this one might be a good tolerance.


Data gluttony gets portable
by Allan D. Francisco
Tech101 Page 1-2
Manila Bulletin
April 21, 2010


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