I am the model employee of the month!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Last November 21st, an award was given to me recognizing my performance at the workplace, the Best in Work Performance award which also means that I am the model employee of the month. I was actually really surprised that they had recognized my performance considering that I work for the company for 6 months, a newbie indeed.

Two weeks ago, our Administrative Manager phoned me to proceed to her office for some sort of chatting about my work. She asked about how I feel about my bosses, colleagues and well, we talked about my personal background. At first, I thought I was being evaluated to determine if they had to extend my contract or what, or worst I thought I am being tested if I deserve to be promoted to a higher position.haha Ngek! Anyways, I actually enjoyed talking to the most every-employee-feared but so smart manager. We talked about what were my observations, expectations and every ‘-tion’ we could think of…hehe We have also talked about my family, it was actually more about me and my personality which I guess had impressed her a lot… (think so…hehe) So, lastly, to end my guessing about what was that chat all about, she decided to give in the good news that, I was a nominee for model employee for the month. I responded quickly like woah…hehehe and she gave her smile…

So since that, I could not erase the said news on my mind that I decided to share it with my parents who were exaggeratedly excited and happy about it. It was indeed, a great achievement for a very new employee like me and for my fresh career. They were actually very supportive that even if I won’t get the said title, they reminded me of the recognition that I was being considered to as nominee, was already impressive…

And so, that day, November 21st, I was actually nervous that I might really get the said award with a lot of audience around attended by almost every employee of the company together with some suppliers invited to the said event... I have this sort of stage fright yah know… And yeah, the master of ceremonies for that special general assembly, called my name. And there was me receiving the hundred pairs of staring eyes and cheers from some of my close employees… And who would forget the “beso-beso” gesture from the most respected admin manager which wowed the crowd (and I was envied by few employees really)…

I received cash and no certificate for it… but they are actually nothing compared to the achievement I recognized myself for the job well done for the past 6 months! Congrats to me!=)


  • Wow!Conggrratsulations...!!

  • Regina

    congratz dai.^^

    hawda jud woie.. proud ko sa imo doh.! hehehehehe

  • snage

    wow dai, we're so Proud of U.... continue the good work.....

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