No More Blog Ads

Sunday, July 5, 2009

For almost two years of putting blog advertisements on my blog (not even a single cent has been sent to me from any of these three blog ad sites), I have come to a decision that was influenced by rational reasons, I hope this one sentence explains it all...

"I want to see Informaxona to be purely a blog..."


  • James Malibiran

    awts.. swerte2x lng jd na glai lalo na pg dili ka focus sa isa ka niche, lisud makakuha ug dako nga constant traffic.. kya pd cguro lay sa ads nimo..mag.experiment pa gani ko karon..hehe..

  • informaxona

    hehe... blogging lng jud ko magfocus krn... dli nlng nko icommercialize ako blog.=)

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