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Monday, June 22, 2009
For bringing me closer to my idols and fave artists…

Recently, reading tweets from them makes me giggle all the time especially tweets coming from Samantha Ronson (LiLo’s ex GF…hehe)

Anyways, what is Twitter?

It is a free social networking site that allows anyone to send and read updates termed as “tweets” directly from mobile or from web… A user may be a follower (of updates from other users) or the one who will be following other users.

It works like typing “KRIS ON to 2366” thing that after doing it, you’ll receive updates from the star, this somehow is more different and better, you get to send and receive updates for your followers and from the ones you’re following to. And some of these users have their Twitter application installed on their mobiles which is really a big thing when you’re following a famous star or artists since they can update you from time to time directly from them (especially for so obsessed fans who act like long-distant stalkers like me…haha)

I think you too would love to tweet on your free time… Come on join the emerging community of twitter-ers…

Click here to start twitter-ing… and do not forget to follow me, by clicking on the figure below (my Twitter profile).


  • Yonyilsonyee

    i'm fine glay..are u working?..raketera ka comments nlang ta chat..heheh para mapuslan pud ang comments area..hahaha

  • informaxona

    hehe.. maoh!... hmm.. yup work nko...=) msta imo research?

  • Yonyilsonyee

    asa pud ka work?..Unsa u work pud?..
    elective nlang akong kulang glay..

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