Sunday, May 3, 2009
“You were intimidated.” My mentor has noted after sharing to him my demo experience at one of the computer colleges in Davao. It was some kinda disaster since almost the whole time I was in front of one of the panelists, he was like comparing the university I graduated to his school. Though it was indirect, he’s implying that we’re lacking of resources.

For example, I was being asked if we have used software in Modeling and Simulation as well as, Operations Research subjects, of course I said no. In our university, we’re founded on basics. We do not need to use software just to understand these subjects, I mean, we can create a program that works like these software, that’s we’re trained for, to use the available resources we have and maximize it to the highest extent. He doesn’t realize that in the absence of the said software they’re so much dependent of will likely cause to his students to be useless since they cannot go further without the software. At least in our part, we started on basics that even if we do have a software or not, we can still do our tasks.

Secondly, I was asked if we learned Artificial Intelligence or Robotics. I explained to him that it was included in our Elective subjects however, we cannot just choose our elective by ourselves since there’s a small number of students who can enroll to it, and it would be odd if each elective subject will have one or two students enrolled. I thought the explanation was considerable but he was some kinda disappointed that I haven’t had specialized on the said field. My mentor had explained to me that he’s wrong about his impression. He added that the said panelist does not understand that in the real industry, it is so rare that the companies will look for people who are specializing on robotics. I agreed.

Lastly, the biggest issue he’s reiterating. The “Hypothesis” issue. Since I got an excellent grade on Elective 2 which is an extension subject for CS Research Methods, he decided to ask me related to research subject. So to evaluate my knowledge on this particular field, first question was, how many chapters a research have? I answered 5 which include an Introduction, Review of Related Literature, Methodology, Presentation, Interpretation and Analysis of Data, and Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation. He agreed. So we proceed, he asked what are the components of 1st chapter. I answered him honestly that on my research, I have Background of the Study, Significance of the Study and Objectives. And there he was questioning about the hypothesis if why it wasn’t included. I just told him I had no idea that we should include a hypothesis on the said chapter. He was like questioning what kind of research it is that it does not include a hypothesis on it. What’s worse, a USeP alumnus who’s also one of the panelists agreed to him. My mentor explained that the said panelist was just too outline-oriented and even if I defended that we’re not making a thesis but a research and that the two has significant difference between them, he would still question me whatever reasons I have since he’s not being objective. Furthermore, my mentor also added that hypothesis is required when I go further to the upper level of the study when there’s a need to determine relationships. In my case where my data is homogenous meaning that I did not have groups of respondents, it’s not likely to have hypothesis since I didn’t need to determine any relationships on the data gathered. However, even if I had the chance to explain all these to the one of panelists, he would still insist his subjective views.

My mentor finally enlightened me that each school or university has individual institutional philosophy. This can be seen on the differences between the VGMO of different colleges/universities. We cannot question the other schools’ philosophy same as, they cannot question ours. Maybe, we should just understand that there are good purposes behind these differences.


  • randy

    hmmm .. f u don't mind ..may i know d name of the university/school?

  • charmj

    wow..hadluka ato dai uie..pero nkalapas n btaw ka..bsta tubag lng gud ka confidently dai db..sagdi n cla

  • charmj
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  • snage

    dai,, gogogo! ipakita ang kgwapa n kbryt sa tga IC.... if their intimidated that simply means you have sumthing to give.... GOGOGO!!!... mis u dai..

  • rejserenity

    aw.. heheh girl ung alumnus glai anoh.?

    hehehehe..aw., its ok., they are just tying to find.out to what extent are ur knowledge is.. hmmh..

    gnyan din ako.. hehehe.. theres so many field they asked all about., bout networking - hardware, bout the research, OS, application software, FOSS, Java and C.. etc.. in fact, i lasted bout 3 hours for interview hehehe.. aja.!

    i guess, im not qualified on thier what so called standard if ever, yet one thing ive learned from them are their tips.^^

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