Sunday, May 3, 2009
I still do not know. But I am currently working on my pre-employment requirements for a certain mall here in Davao. A list of the said requirements was given to me last week by their HR employee and I was told to submit them before May 5 since that day would be my first orientation on company rules and policies. So that would mean that I am hired?

The job position I applied for was IT Documentation Assistant whose qualifications include knowledge on flow charting and system documentation. Though honestly, I only have basic knowledge on these, I was so eager to apply because I believe this is the actualization of the things I have learned in college. I mean, I’ll already be dealing with real-life situations on a technology-based environment. Being part of an IT department is a realization of the field I have chosen.

I was somewhat nervous that they might be expecting so much from me but my father had advised that there’s nothing should be afraid of since the workplace is the another venue for continuous learning. As long as you’re eager to learn then it would be fine.

Well, here comes the reality… GOGOGOGLAI!

Am I so excited to wear PINK?


  • hannah hernandez

    kaya mo yan glia..nagsurvey man daw ka sa imong first day???

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