Wednesday, April 1, 2009
It’s gonna be a bigger me in the following weeks since I am really having BIG rest these days… Now, sleeping turned out to be my latest hobby…haha

I just can’t get enough of eating foods and sweets… My greatest indulgence, ice cream! Just hoping I’d still be maintaining my average sugar level…considering the fact that I came from a family that has high risks to Diabetes…good luck to me…hehe

Aside from sleeping, eating… I watched movies and listened to new rhythms and music… I am trying to bring back the rocking spirit of a frustrated band maker… Am I supposed to say that I want to set up Sacricity? Now…I lost you…hahaha It is or it might be the band you’d die for in the future…hahaha of course having me as the lead vocals. Waaah!

Well, the bottom line of this post is to have my blog updated…haha Now, good night…back to sleep…zZ zZ zZ zZ zZ zZ zZ zZ zZ zZ zZ zZ zZ


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    dli dw cla makacomment...sorry guys..hehehe pagcomment namo

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