Real Beginning

Monday, April 27, 2009
Graduation Day is the most memorable moment in my life. April 16th, that was the day marked my first success, it was really an unforgettable experience. My family who’s very supportive from the very beginning was always my inspiration until that day I gracefully walked on the stage recognizing the triumph I received for the past four remarkable years at USeP.

I never anticipated that I’ll graduate on time but I was very motivated to do whatever it takes to make it just in 4 years. I don’t want to extend my stay in college since I believe that great opportunities are not always there, and mostly, these opportunities are reserved for you if you are on time. I mean, if I’ll graduate next year, I may not be able to grab the opportunity that is perfectly matched to me this year. We may never know. It’s better to be much ahead of time and wait for that chance than to be late and the chance was already given to another person.

The real beginning is already here. I am already part of the real world facing real-life situations. I am somewhat afraid as I wake up every morning about what I am supposed to do. I do not have a list of priorities, and I do not have exact plans of what I will do in the following days. Yet, I have prepared myself for job interviews, screenings and all that but still, I am filled with doubts if I’ll get what I really need at the end of this job hunting period.

Yes, I want what I really NEED. I need a good direction for my career. I need a good beginning.

They are right. Graduation is not the end… It’s a commencement… for reality…



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