Job Hunt

Monday, April 27, 2009
On this job hunting period, I was able to list what are my job position priorities. The job positions available to me for the meantime are call center agent, IT department employee and teaching position. But it does not mean that I am already certain that I can be hired to any of those job positions. But as part of my plans before applying to any job position, I want to consider many factors to be able to sort out what must be on top of my list given a chance to apply on those job positions …

Communication vs. Technical Skills

At first, I was very eager to apply in call centers since I want to develop my interpersonal and communication skills. Though, I can say I can write well, there is a need to develop my speaking skills because writing is different from speaking. I want to be able to relay my concepts and ideas better, so that’s definitely, verbally. And also, in every business circle nowadays, when you are a good English speaker equipped with excellent interpersonal skills, you are considered as a good asset in a company so definitely, you can be hired easily.

Next thing, I also want to work in an office. I want to be part in an IT department to be exposed to actual IT operations. I want such job because I believe that the workplace would be a good venue for me to apply what I have learned in college and to experience real-life situations around a technological environment. Definitely, it will be a great help to develop my technical skills. And so the knowledge I have gained during college will be used extremely. Consequently, I want my skills be utilized. I want a real training and exposure.

Another important job position I am considering into is a teaching position. I want to teach. I want to share my knowledge. But the most important reason why I am aspiring to be hired to this position is that I want to master what I have learned in college. I believe that when I’ll teach, I’ll be not only sharing my knowledge but I’ll be actually learning for more. I’ll tend to research and research so I’ll have lots to share with my students and so with that, it will help me expand or broaden my knowledge. Furthermore, when I’ll constantly teach what I have learned, I’ll soon master them. Mastery is what I need before taking into the next level.

What do I really need?

There are many factors to consider in choosing the career I want to pursue. But the most important thing is to determine the appropriate career direction I want. So when I apply for call center agent, I’d make sure I have set plans like aspiring to be a team leader and beyond that but the possibilities of forgetting what I have learned in college is great specifically, in the IT field. I’ll likely forget the basics of IT, the concepts I’ve learned, the reasons I pursue this degree and the purposes of being an IT professional. As they say, call center is not a good venue to utilize my technical skills I have gained through 4 years of training to be an IT graduate. But still, my eagerness to work in a call center didn’t fade. I’d love to but for the meantime, I want to work in a job position that is directly related to my field where my skills will be utilized well. Definitely, to be part of an IT department is a good choice. Experiences are best teachers. I need to undergo real trainings that would develop my skills. On the other hand, I want to consider a continuous learning I’ll get from teaching. If I’ll gain much knowledge, undeniably, I’ll get many things from that which will be applied later in future undertakings.

My Point

As a fresh graduate, the most important thing I am considering right now is to broaden first my knowledge on this field, IT.


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