I Choose Not To Pass

Monday, April 27, 2009
The chance that was given to me by Sir Loy was wasted. I did not take it seriously. This time, I did not prepare myself for the PhilNITS examination. Though, the resources and study materials were completely given but I did not have time to read them. I was busy. I prioritized my job applications for local employment because I believe that I will not pass the exam anyway. Just to be sure.

Still I took the examination for that 1% chance to pass it. The same thing happened this time, the examination yesterday, April 26th, was a tough one like that of October’s examination. I did not expect that I’ll pass it. Furthermore, I did not regret that I wasn’t able to make self-reviews because indeed, it still requires excellent basic IT fundamentals. Though I had two weeks to gain more knowledge, it was not enough for a graduating student having lots of priorities reserved to do other tasks such as that. Maybe, next time, before I’ll take another chance, I’ll make sure that I am willing enough that it will not be wasted.

But still, I am eager to know the outcome of that 1% possibility-mindset of passing the exam. Hehehe


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