Courage of Accepting ACCEPTANCE

Friday, April 10, 2009
Admittedly, I am not really a religious person but I make sure that my actions and thoughts are always guided by His existence in my mind, heart and soul. And I know that my faith in Him is as strong as my courage to accept His love for me.

As I watched the 7 Last Words special coverage in ABS-CBN this afternoon, I was really inspired after hearing the different experiences shared by people during the mass. Though I can say that my life and experiences are entirely different from them, even better than what they had gone through, still, I am thankful that God has given a wonderful life to live in. And I realize that every one of us is lucky enough to live through this existence. I know sometimes we ask Him why we should undergo circumstances that test ourselves how strong we are, and to some extent, we feel like He has abandoned us during our worst times like just the fourth word “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” I have realized that God has set purposes and reasons for everything. We must believe in Him, take the courage to have faith in Him for these things happened for reasons that eventually lead us to be better and stronger individuals afterwards.
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Believing in God has guided us in many ways. Somehow, I also believe that though there are some people who do not believe in His existence, however, recognize what is right and wrong in every action they undertake, it should be considered as an act of accepting God’s love by embracing the moral values instilled within us from the very beginning.

I am hoping that in this Lenten season we’re able to ponder the important lessons in our everyday lives.

Be optimistic. Take problems as good challenges. It will strengthen your FAITH…


  • charmj

    same with me, though i couldn't really say if we're on the same level of how religious I am compared to you, I could say that i follow by His rules and do the right actions as possible.

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