16-day Journal

Monday, April 27, 2009
I did not have time to update my blog and I am sorry. Really, I was dupppeeer supppeeeer busy… But then, I am going to share what has been up to me within those 16 days of absence in the blogosphere… hehehe

April 11 – 14: I cannot exactly remember what happened but I believe, I was busy preparing for my big day―graduation!

April 15: Final graduation rehearsal at Central Bank. I was there of course, and we also had pictorials for the yearbook at Yoyong’s (Gaisano South) afterwards.

April 16: (This must be detailed in a whole blog post.) The GRADUATION! This is the best day in my college life… Everyone was there except her…hehe But still, I am grateful that my whole family was able to witness this BIG day of my life… Papa, Yan2 and Clay2 were there and of course, my escort, Mama…

April 17-18: The THANKSGIVING Days! Venue: Samal, my place… My classmates and close friends were there in our house and Fernandez beach. They’re Angel-Hannah, Miah-Tatam, Regina-James, Cheng-Agnes, Melgar-Kate, Jonard-Alma and Jalil-Fatima.

April 19: Rain Vinniene’s Christening. I was there at St. Jude’s Parish to be his Ninang. He’s Mark Van’s niece and I am so happy to attend as Ninang since it was my first time!hehe

April 20: Job hunting! I started submitting applications to various local companies. And fortunately, at the end of this day, I received an invitation for interview from a call center company in Davao.

April 21: My supposed-to-be first job interview. I went to the said call center company but then I was very, very afraid and nervous and so I backed out and decided to go to a certain mall and passed my application since I have learned that they’re hiring for IT Documentation Assistant who’s responsible for system documentations, flowcharting etc. That was definitely a long day since I have been interviewed twice and had taken a very tough examination. But I still have to undergo two more interviews with the HR manager and the BIG BOSS.

April 22: I was advised to have two interviews this day at 3PM but since I had nothing to do in the morning, I decided to pursue the plans to try applying for call center agent and so I went back to the company now, with enough confidence! Fortunately, I met Agnes there and we went inside the call center company together. It was really dispiriting to hear fluent-speaking people there even the guard was so fluent in speaking English. (Pwede Maulaw?haha) I (and Agnes too) have undergone 3 tough interviews, 1 logic and grammar examination, 1 typing skills examination and an essay writing, I kept wondering why I passed the screening! And I was scheduled to undergo training today at 7AM (And I miss my first day of training today because…… I need a whole blog post to detail my reasons…) Unfortunately, the screening for the call center agent application ended at 4pm, that’s 1 hour late from my supposed 2nd day of screening for IT Docu Asst. I hurried to the mall and unfortunately, the BIG BOSS has already left. And so, I was told to be back on the next day.

April 23: I received a call from a company specializing on web services, inviting me for a job interview for the Web Content Researcher position. I was glad to know about that but unfortunately, upon hearing from them further qualifications for the said position, I was like oh? It was not included in the job qualifications they have posted in bestjobs.ph. And so I generously refused to their invitation. Three o’clock in the afternoon was my supposed interview with particular mall’s BIG BOSS, but he’s super busy and so, I was interviewed only by the company’s HR manager. It was quite fun. Since, she had lots of questions about software developments and my school’s background. And I am glad that I was able to create a good impression to her. And so again, I was told to be back Friday, same time, to be interviewed by their President.

April 24: I received a call from an institution inviting me for a demo. Yes, it was the job position I wanted, teaching position. And I am very excited and I was like praying I’ll get that job.hehe But anyway, to be sure enough, I still pursued applying for IT Docu Asst. I was there 3PM sharp and fortunately, the President’s already had enough time to interview me. I was glad that he’s like accepting me to work with the company. However, the HR Manager wasn’t certain if she wants me to work in the said company considering that I’ll be only receiving the minimum wage. I understand what she’s pointing out but then, I explained that I am not after on the salary but the experience I’ll get on the said job. (This would be detailed in another whole blog post!)

April 25: Even if it’s Saturday, I received a text message from another school institution that’s considering my application. I was scheduled to have an interview and short demo by Friday this week. I am not sure if I am going to pursue my application, it would definitely depend on Wednesday appointment’s outcome. On the other hand, I enjoyed this day since this is our 13th special month so we had some “laag-laag”.hehe

April 26: PhilNITS examination! An indirect job application to big companies in JAPAN!haha It was a very mind-squeezing day! (This is worth a whole blog post again…hehe)

Well, those were the events for the past 16 days and if you’re wondering why I have applied to many companies because I want to have lots of options to choose from, I want to have assurance that I’ll get an appropriate job. For the meantime, I am still not hired by any of those. But whatever job position I may get at the end of this job hunting period, I’d make sure that it is what I really want to go in for.
GOOD LUCK to me!


  • JobSearchNinja

    "Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning."

  • leemarvs

    Whew!.... Hindi ko kaya power mo girl!.. ehehehe!.. Is that really the life of a graduate? (Dli nalang ko mo graduate oi!) Joke, well anyway i was struck how busy you are on those 16 days very impressive effort you gave in job hunting!. I will give a grade of 1.0..Graduate nmn diay Hehehe!.. Peace out! nice input!

  • snage

    dai? gogogo! bsta ang health atimana.. hehehe... uie c abading asa na? hehehe

    godbless dai.... hop to c u so0n, im already starting my training at Sutherland....wew. mawerla la ko

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