Friday, March 27, 2009
I am so thankful that I made this last year of college! After seeing my excellent grades (waahh…hehehe) and receiving lots of CONGRATS from people around, I feel like I have really done something GOOD! Good enough that I can see a good future ahead of me…wow! Just really wow… I hope it can describe all the feelings I am going through right now…

My parents are the happiest people in this planet right now aside from me of course…hehehe and with that I am really glad that I was able to prove them right that I will make it and they were never wrong about giving me that full confidence and trust they had these past few struggling months… I was uncertain of myself to graduate and now it’s more than certainty to define that twenty days from now I’ll be gracing the success of an IT student after four grueling years at college…

Now, I am thinking and I, more on planning, on what I’ll be doing next month… I believe, I’ll be starting a more tricky life after April 16th… GOOD LUCK!=)


  • snage

    indai,,, sory jud nalate mi og greet... hehehe

    ingts mo n congrats sa atoa...

  • informaxona


    hehe..okz ra au uie!

    congratz pd dai!

  • charmj

    congrats dai..u deserve it..ambot kng kng mkahilak ko ana.hehe

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