A Velentine's Date...

Saturday, February 14, 2009
with my family…

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

I woke up this morning in our room with my sister with a few knocks from our door… That is when I realized that it is 14th of February and it was my mama and papa who woke us up to greet us a warm valentines day… We immediately reached our Valentines cards and got up from our beds and then we exchanged greetings and cards with our parents… This has been usual for us in every occasion we celebrate…

For me, ever since, I celebrate my Valentine’s Day with my family, and personally, Valentine’s Day is not the common day for Lovers or what… I mean to be with boyfriend or girlfriend you’ve got… It is the best day to show how we love our parents and to thank them for how many years they unconditionally love and care for us… Indeed, I remember Feb 14 last year, me and my mama had a Valentine’s date and I had told her in the card I had given that went this way,

“Ma, Pa I am so thankful that we don’t have to go through every young girl’s experience to engage in relationships just to be a normal teenager, since you give us all the love enough to let us feel how complete we are for the past teenage years…”

I would like to encourage every teenager who’s reading this post to say I LOVE YOU to your parents today… I have learned that most of my friends refuse to say those words since according to them it sounds corny…or what… Saying and showing to them how much you love them will make not just a day but a year to them… so gogogogogogo…!!!

I Love You Pu…Ma…Pa…You…Clay…Axyl…mwah!


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