USeP on Electronic Security Matters

Monday, February 23, 2009
Undeniably, there are some instances that the systems are vulnerable to attacks as mentioned by my classmates on Sir RSG’s forum, this is due to lack or improper implementation of security measures... So for me, I guess a stronger policy on data and systems security must be imposed. Not only the network administrators, developers and programmers should be trained and aware of these security measures but also all the users involved. Maybe a data and systems security awareness lecture or discussion will be given to students, employees and other concerned individuals that will use the system. Let them know what are the dos and don’ts to protect the system. I thought of this since I have learned sometime last year that there’s this employee that let his son used the computer of the university to insert his USB. He had no knowledge that his son’s USB was carrying a computer virus that would halt all the processes he has in his computer and so to delay important transactions of the university that time, like the releasing of salaries to the university employees. So from that simple situation, we can say that aside from the said employee forgot to update the database of his antivirus (I am not even sure if the computer was installed by an antivirus software), he was also not mindful on who are the authorized persons to use the computer.

So maybe, everyone in the university should be aware on whatever security measures implemented by the university. Furthermore, in relation to electronic securities, if it still vulnerable to attacks, maybe the university should upgrade or acquire a better one that could ensure more protection and security to the system.


  • charmj

    i totally agree with you miss would be really great if our university would make a step in upgrading its system. It would totally bring forth much convenience and efficiency to us.

  • rejserenity

    aw.! hehehe tma nremember nko to.. ung virus infection thru usb.. dapt dn cguro bgyan ng enogh knowledge ang mga staffs..

  • BonBon

    Hello there!

    I am Raymund "BonBon" Banaag. I am also an IT student of IC. Maybe you saw me na before.

    BTW, I really like your Research Project. It can contribute to IT industry. Murag, KUYAW naman kaayo ang inyong mga topics karon. hehehe...

    well, Keep up the Good Work na lang.


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