Three loads minus one…

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Surprisingly and gladly, the future technology presentation yesterday turned out well… I was really relieved that finally, the most important requirement in one of the tough subjects I am afraid of has been already accomplished…that is to present our future technology.

The future technology we proposed was the future of chatting which is the virtual chatting. I was quite nervous yesterday to show our final diorama since it was not the expected output from the sketch we had submitted to Sir RSG. And so, as we were presenting our diorama Sir was like muttering these words “dili na mao…” I just tried to laugh a little to hide the uneasiness I felt upon reading his lips…huhu but well, I was anyway satisfied and glad that somehow, we were able to present the said technology to our audience and I was actually happy that our audience had enjoyed watching our video especially when Sir RSG starred in one of the video scenes wherein he played the role of Professor Utonium of Powerpuff Girls (by the way, we call ourselves as Power Chat Girls, me as Buttercup, Agnes as Blossom and Regina as Bubbles…hehe).

The following pictures are the happy moments after the show ended.
By the way, Sir RSG has given his positive verdict during the end of the program and everyone was really glad of the outcome and the possible grade he would give to each group... that is 1.0 – 1.5… Isn’t that really, really good to hear? The most significant part I remembered from his message is the statement about our future… April 17… Central Bank… Graduation… Wow… That is just really wonderful to imagine…hehehe

So now, since FT has been nudged down to the key-to-the-graduation list, I am now to concentrate more on my research and internet programming subject…

Still gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogoGLAI!!!


  • rejserenity

    .weeh.! hehehe aja mga power chat girLz.!.^^
    .hehehe lingaw pud bya ato presentation.^^

  • snage

    hehehe... lagi dai...wee.. humana njud ang isa......

    mkagraduate unta ta uie...

  • mae

    xur naman mo uie..hehe
    iinvyt ko ha..hehe

  • rsgamboa

    yes humana ang isa .... DUHA PA ang nabilin ...ang isa- 1yr nahuman.. cguro ang duha-2yrs mahuman....see you 2012 ..... hehhehehh... it's still a LONG SHOT ...but DOABLE ... double time pls ..i'm still waiting 4d missing part of your diorama ..hehhe .. HAPI VALENTINES

  • informaxona


    ngek...yaw pd tawn sir uie...lagi gadali nko sir..hehe la pa man gd ngrply si sir bloggie buh...ahuhuhu

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