USeP on Intranet and Extranet

Friday, February 6, 2009
There are lots of benefits for using intranet and extranet in an organization. One good example is that it hastens the processes in an organisation. Different departments and units can make their operations more effectively and productively. Most importantly, it provides transparency for all people involved in the whole system like employees can perceive clearly how the information and the processes flow in the system.

And so, my personal views for USeP to use intranet and extranet are the following:


  1. The departments can effectively communicate with each other and the exchange of information and processes between them will be done in a more accurate and secured manner. As well as, it can save time in executing the processes and operations which eventually contribute to the productivity of the whole system.
  2. The employees as well as, the students can play their roles and responsibilities quicker and more effectively since they can have quick and accurate access to the information and data provided to them in the website. An example is that if the students will be able to see lists of schedules or school activities like examinations and clearance signing etc., they will be informed beforehand. The employees can also efficiently do their tasks at a more accurate manner, they can as well as, participate in the group discussions that must be provided by a website that entails the university-related issues and discussions. Indeed, information and knowledge sharing can be much effective in intranet, which definitely lead to good teamwork as a whole when every entity in the whole system are cooperating and sharing resources with one another.


  1. Since our university has also a few campuses like USeP Mintal etc., extranet can be useful to integrate their respective operations and information to attain the same goals. Each university can share their information or processes through extranet which eventually help one another to execute their operations more effectively. Extranets like that in intranets though in a wider system, can help in the productivity of the university, as whole system connected with one another.
  2. Students and employees from different campuses can efficiently share their knowledge through extranet which indeed, can be a good platform for information-sharing between different people.
  3. Indeed, with extranet, it can build a stronger team when all systems from different campuses are integrated.


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    yes, communication is indeed needed to improve connection... applicable in almost all areas in the University

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