Internet Apps Integration in USeP

Sunday, February 15, 2009
With existing applications and data, we can integrate internet applications with them from which it can make the processes and information involved more presentable, organized and accessible to the users (employees, professors, students etc.).

Internet applications such as emails, instant messaging, search engine, electronic documents, multimedia and other electronic transactions can be used to incorporate existing applications and data in USeP with them.

- E-Mails, Web Forums, E-Groups
These can be good alternatives to traditional classroom wherein lessons and discussions are documented well and are accessible to any people in the virtual world. Indeed, there is a good number of classes in the university that engage in this kind of learning.

- Instant Messaging
This is the most convenient and quickest way to send messages to anyone when online. In fact, it can aid in rapid dissemination of information. Instead of informing persons manually like personal meeting with them, instant messaging can be a good option.

- Electronic Documents
As we all know, converting bulky paper documents to electronic documents is such a good way to reduce effort and cost. Paperless documents are easier to organized and more accurate.

- Multimedia Applications
These can add to the proper presentation and organization of information and data or documents. Video, audio and images are good supplements for information delivery.

When all of these internet applications are integrated, it can build up a really good system wherein one application is linked to another which contributes to the efficiency and productivity of the system as a whole. All processes and operations in the university will be hastened having these internet applications employed on them. The very good factor of this integration is that anyone can perceive and see the information flow of the system and they can participate well in any group discussions and or any activities wherein their inputs and involvement are greatly needed.


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