Glad USeP was recognized!

Saturday, February 21, 2009
USeP stood out from a crowd of students from different schools when Agnes broke the pattern of silence from the audience.

Yesterday was the ITE Olympiad held at UM Matina. It was participated by renowned schools here in Davao, where all IT, CS and other IT-related course students gathered for a very special occasion. I, Agnes and Regina were among of the students that presented individual/group researches for the afternoon program, the “Student Researches Presentation” together with the other selected students from University of Immaculate Conception, Ateneo de Davao University and University of Philippines-Mindanao Campus.

I was somewhat hesitant to go on with the presentation since I did not have the courage to face a crowd of IT students. But since Sir Val and Sir RSG have encouraged us to grab such great opportunity, the trust and confidence they had for us motivated me a lot a day before the presentation. Their full support was always there which we three, were so much thankful for…

The day of presentation came and I really could not explain myself if I was excited, nervous, afraid or what. But all I wanted that moment was to be in the place where I’ll be going to present. And so we got there and gladly, we came just when the 1st group almost finished their presentation (I and Agnes were scheduled as the last two students to present, Regina was to present on the other venue, UM gym, since there was a need to do parallel sessions to accommodate all the researches being submitted).

Most of the presentations dealt with system and web developments, which I thought that our presentations were really different from them (we did not anticipate that it would turn out the most interesting topics later in that program…hehe My research topic is Technopreneur Blogging: Incorporation of IT Knowledge and Business and Agnes’ Blogging: Comparative Features of Different Blog). Several researches were already introduced but there were still no feedbacks or questions coming from the audience that persuaded Agnes a.ka. “the brave soul” according to Mr. Edwin V. Maranon, Chair of the Computer Studies Division of AdDU who led the program, since she was the first one to speak from the audience after a research is presented, supposedly for the past groups of presenters, an allotted time of 5 minutes are given after the research presentation but it was disregarded since no one from audience had enough courage to ask not until Agnes stood up and ask a question to a group from AdDU whose thesis is about &%#Q%# I forgot the title but the question was what are the advantages of their system or what are its edge over the typical messengers available right now like YM AOL etc. The pretty guy presenter from AdDU was able to answer Agnes’ question anyway. And so from that, there were still no questions raised after the two consecutive feedbacks given by Agnes and I was honestly nervous since I was thinking that the crowd or those groups being asked might throw back questions to us, some kinda revenge or what after Agnes has startled all of them…hehe

But it was an amazing thing that they were able to comprehend that USeP existed in the said forum..hehe When it was our turn to show off our presentations, we both got nervous at first but later we were able to compose ourselves and even got the crowd’s attention since after the presentation, few questions were raised in relation with our topics. It really turned out that our topics appealed to the audience. Interesting issues were tackled like the Disabled Adsense Accounts (improper way of advertising), how to increase page traffic and so on and so forth.

We were so glad that Sir RSG was there to witness the presentation and he was himself happy of the outcome of it. A big CONGRAT’S to my colleagues, Agnes and Regina and for all the presenters of the said event… It was really fortunate for us to be in there representing our institution and to learn different ideas from other students from different schools.

>>A feedback to the said event…

We are hoping that by next time there would be no more snacks so to cheapen the entrance fee, anyway, the common purpose why the students were there, was not about the snacks they’d eat but the ideas that would feed their minds. After all the snacks were served just right after the show ended…well…!@#$#%!


  • riza

    aw.. heheheheh moadto unta ko gly.. heheheheh padulong nako agdao, sa dihang naa man ngtext sa akoa na naa d i entrance fee.. heheheh wala pa jud ko wawarts... mao to wala nalng ko daun. hehehe... skul nalang ko.. hahaiz...sayang na mis nako inu presentation. hehehehe kamo na jud gly... heheheheh

  • charmj

    sayang kau support unta me..unsaon mn na poor lng mn me..haha..anyway, congrats..we all know kaya kau to ninu..

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