Glayra as Alice Cullen

Thursday, January 22, 2009
The final deadline is very fast approaching… And I am so worried and starting to feel doubtful if I am going to make it… But still I am very hopeful that I will be able to submit all the requirements needed in order to graduate. I have always told my parents that my research is the vital key for me to graduate though all of my subjects are also my passports to graduation but from all of them, the research is the most crucial… and unfortunately or I guess gladly, they always let me feel that I can finish it on time. And it was sort of both challenge and fear for me… since they had this confidence and big trust on me…

Well, let me forget for the meantime the worry I’ve felt for myself and my future… let me share to you the possible events that I’ve envisioned for myself merely 3 months or more from now…

(if I’ll graduate this sem! Yes!)

My mama had planned earlier that she’d be helping me gather all the necessary requirements for job applications in Samal. Indeed, there are I guess more than 3 new big businesses (beaches and sort of subdivision and hotel), which are expected to start running this year and mama had told me that I’ll have that great chance to apply and be hired from any of it. (I guess, this is some kinda nice since I’ll be living back to my hometown after for four years mainly staying in Davao…) However, I had some trouble thinking for my other part of me (Love life)… Well I hope you get it, we’ll be much away from each other by that time… I just hope, the distance would not really a big deal between the two of us…haha But anyway, I have seen myself able to ride on our new motorcycle as my means of transportation in going to my future workplace that time…hehe But since my vision is objective (as Alice of Twilight…hehe), I also saw myself changing my decision and had chosen the other option I have… to work in Davao for (I don’t know what kind of job)…haha and since I wanted to gain working experience, I had chosen to work for merely 6 months-1 year here in Davao or maybe in Samal and after that, I’ll be finding a job in Manila or in Cebu or (any major cities for as long as, it is far from here for some personal reasons…hehe). Next, if I had earned much enough to invest to work abroad then I will proceed to NEXT LEVEL! And get married there…haha (just kidding…)

oh by the way, I have also seen my future retaking the PhilNITS exam…wehehe (Rendell apas ko ha!hehehe)


Probably, I’ll be sulking all night for a week… feel sorry for my parents that I had disappointed them and well, I could get plenty of rest at home… hahaha rest…sleep…eat…what?? No way, I don’t want to be a great burden, I have changed my decision and I guess I saw myself applying in call centers… and hired of course… wehehe… oh, I also saw myself having my other option, which is to be a great volunteer in my papa’s office… or in the IT department of our city hall, (what a very kind of me…hehe) well, he had always asked me before that he wants my help to develop a better way to relay their program to the people through great and captivating campaigns (he’s pertaining to designing their sort of project advertisements, presentations and so on… ) He always wants me to create and design a system for the office too… (wow…hawd ko?hehe) Fortunately, I have overheard that he will be assigned to a new office and I guess he’ll be not mainly handling the said big program anymore…but well, I know and I am sure that he would ask another reserved assignment for his new office to me… I’ll be glad anyway to be of great help to my father…

Lastly, I have also seen myself that I am seriously complying my INC requirements and finally, saw myself graduating as Octoberian… (Octoberian ba na?hehe)

Seeing those possible scenarios, I am glad that, whatever the future has stored for me, I have prepared myself on what to do in case I fail or not… However, it is still up to me and it depends on the situation that time on what will I do with my life 3 months from now… And so, confidence is my best armor to prepare for the future… As the late Pope John Paul II had said, “Remember the past with gratefulness. Live the present with enthusiasm. Look for tomorrow with confidence.”


(by the way, those situations I’ve created are just for personal fun and inspiration/motivation, don’t take it seriously…haha)


  • snage

    dai, were just the same, but i know that were working our asses (i mean head hehehe)to be able to pass the subject,

    Lets, help each other, dghan btaw ta.

    Goodluck to all of us.

  • _elated_

    kuyawa jud sa akong sis uie...
    “Remember the past with gratefulness. Live the present with enthusiasm. Look for tomorrow with confidence.”
    basta te, huwag lang ka magbabago...
    pagcomment pud sa akong sonnet, aw

  • rejserenity

    ahihii lge kya nato ni.. btaw woie.. cguro kung dli kamo ako nkauban.. dli pud cguro ko maging reg.. hehehe.^^ tnx guyz.! aja.! helping -hand ghpon ta ha.?

  • hannah hernandez

    go glai.!! kayanin nyo yan..
    kung di nyo yan makya paano pa kaya kami.!!
    the four of you are our hope ahahaha
    PS: hannah as bella swan joke

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