How to prepare for future technology?

Friday, January 9, 2009
Seeing the clear dominance of technology in the future is predictable. This tool must certainly be the main medium in aiding every human’s lives in the next few years. The advancements have been evidently seen unstoppable and endless. We are witnesses with the continuous evolutions. Every now and then, new discoveries, innovations are being discovered and created. And all we can understand is that its directions are visibly strewn and composite. We can hardly figure out where technology takes us a decade or more from now. The future of it is something we should always consider since our lives might be affected by the way we apply it as aids into our daily existence. We may not exactly know if how this thing could affect the rhetoric of our future, whether we end up technophobic‒afraid of how the technology will affect our lives or are we going to be the technomanic ones who would certainly embrace technology as a very advantageous tool to help us in our lives. Indeed, this calls for everyone of us to be prepared of the future no matter what category we fall into‒either technophobic or technomanic. Preparation and adequate learning are the keys to face the world of tomorrow without fear.

I can certainly say that I have this edge over other persons who know less about technology. Being so much more familiarized about technology is something more advantageous than not. Informed enough, I can observe the patterns in technology and the continuous technological trends which would help me at least perceive what would the technology in the future looks like. It gives me an idea to imagine things that are possible to exist in the future. But sometimes, I asked and imagined for things that could impossibly be done like hopefully, time machines and teleportation. Though I have learned that time machines could be possible but I cannot explain it how maybe, I can help you understand its possibility by reading Beyond The Quantum, I somehow understood the assertions of the author of this book, however, teleportations are unlikely possible since I really have no idea how our bodies could be converted into binaries to be transported invisibly into another place, well the book I have mentioned have also brought up teleportations in which I had a hard time to believe if it is possible or not. But anyway, I have mentioned these things because these are the things I have hoped to exist or be part of the innovations in technology for the next years. It is appropriate to see what the future looks like, to imagine things having observed the patterns that are existing today. With a glimpse of the future, we will be guided on how to prepare with the advancements in our lives in tomorrow’s world. Technology is not the one who fears or interests us; it is us who recognize how technology appeals to us. And so with this, I have prepared a simple list of things that should be done to be ready whatever the future has stored for us. These things might be your edge for future technology.

1. Be computer literate.

With the emergent use of computers nowadays, it would be very likely, that its use will be vastly prevalent in the next years. One can never survive in the future surrounded by technological innovations with not enough knowledge to understand and use computers. Actually, I have this friend of mine that has no enough knowledge about computers, not even able to know how to use MS Word, was having a very hard time to apply in companies since most companies right now require computer literate applicants because this could ensure them that they can be flexible with their jobs, they can go along with the mainstream, the vast use of computers as part of company’s edge over other competitors. Anyway, there are lots of institutions offering short computer courses which could help an individual to catch up with the current trend, and to be literate enough about computers. This is one way to be ready to handle technology wisely‒enough awareness about how the computers work.

2. Familiarizing Past and Present Technology

It is important to learn what are the tools people used before, and later on developed into new innovating tools present today. Understanding the evolution in these tools could help us see and imagine what could be the next things tomorrow. Furthermore, it is important too to be familiarized with present gadgets or technological advancements to be used to with these things since naivety has no place for us in the future. We cannot be ignorant with these things when we are surrounded by vast technological advancements in the future. Additionally, recognizing the big developments from past to present technology could essentially help us to know how technology affects our lives as well as, how it helped us to live with more ease and convenience than the previous days. Indeed, understanding it too could help us foresee the constant society’s development in the future including the change in behaviors and attitudes. In fact, it can also help us predict what would be the new lifestyle we will live with. Technology has been a strong force behind the great change in the society today. Analyzing the pattern from past up to the present could help us solve the mystery of the future’s picture.

3. Wise Application of Technology

Technology is a tool. Naturally, it is not the one which is responsible for the perceptible impacts in the society right now. But, it is the human. Human’s utilization of technology is to be controlled. Since it is a tool, it must be properly used for which purposes it suit for. The use of technology has been seen by everyone as an effective advantage for which function it has been applied whether for personal use, or for a business company to compete well in the market. It has always been an issue that technology has brought negative effects in our environment and lives and even the way we act, the moral values are deteriorating. All these are blamed to technology alone, but this is not the fact. The reality is that the ones who invented it have not been responsible or not capable enough to instill and educate the users of this tool on how to appropriately and wisely use them. They can be used as a benefit or maybe destruction to one’s self. How the wise application of technology could prepare us for the future? Simply, if today we are aware how to utilize it wisely, we could be trained and knowledgeable enough to understand its application suitable for which purpose tomorrow. Understanding the intelligent application of technology could not fear us that someday, the inventions human has created will be the things that can destroy his own existence.

4. Be optimistic.

There is nothing wrong for being positive for the future. To look for the future with positive ideas is to wane away the fears of living with it. We should always see technology as a beneficial tool and be optimistic that this could bring good turns in our lives. The nature to perceive the best things to happen in the future is a very good sign to accept what the future of technology will provide us. If ever a negative effect could be given away by the creation of a particular technology, we should be in the same way, positive that there is always a solution for every dilemma that might turn out in the future. Optimism is one of the best attitudes that we must live out in the future as we thrive to embrace the technological advancements that may constantly exist in the next years.

5. Read

Be informed. Gain knowledge. And be not left behind with the current issues. It is important to read and read. Reading is very essential in the learning process. Information is some kind of power we can take hold of as an edge over the others who does not know anything about what you have known. Knowledge is your best asset if you have lots of things you know. Being informed about technology is a very good thing to prepare one’s self of the future. You will not lose a thing by reading except for time and effort that worth a great knowledge you gained after doing it. It just not enhances your vocabulary but in particular, it lets you perceive things you may not have been perceived before in your lives. An example is going to Japan to personally see the new invention they had created is just equivalent with reading an article posted in the internet about such invention with complete details and information about its creation. Also, a more interesting example is reading the Twilight Saga, indeed, watching the movie did not unravel the very details about the personalities and attitudes of the characters in the story compared to that reading of the books. You get to know more and deeper about those characters.

6. Innovative Thinking

Being aware enough is to let your mind open for possibilities and imaginations that might turn into realities. It is important to be always innovative, to think inventively and ingeniously. As our environment evolves, attitudes change, lives develop and technology advances, it is considerable that the way we think should also move forward. Our minds should expand and think for possibilities and broader ideas. Comes after Innovative thinking are innovative actions which are our benefits in facing the rhetoric of tomorrow. We should think resourcefully as well so that whatever resources we have, we could maximize it to the fullest. Practical thinking could help and teach us how to wisely use technology as an advantage tool. Since technology is a tool, it cannot outwit us but it is us who can outwit ourselves if we will not utilize our minds intelligently. We should learn from the past mistakes, learn from the current issues and happenings, and eventually, we can think for what is the best thing to do tomorrow. With this, innovative thinking involves visualizing and planning the tomorrow’s interventions of technology in our lives.

7. Socialize

You cannot live the future by yourself. It is important that as you face the future, you are not alone. Do not forget that there are lots existing aside from you, a team is good enough to defeat an opponent. So to face the future is to be accompanied with someone else who has the same goals with you. You should be actively part of the society so to hold the society more firm. If we let ourselves destroy that strong bond that hold us together, we will not be strong enough to control the emergent use of technology since we have individual intentions. Unity is one of the keys to stay upright above every new creation human has invented. We should participate and cooperate with others to arrive at the same common goal which is to have positive approach about the existence of technology in our lives.

8. Share your Knowledge and Experiences

The best thing you can do as you prepare yourself for the future is to let others prepare themselves too. We cannot be too selfish that we let others fail in accepting the new language of our future. We should certainly share what we have learned from our own researches, readings and information we take hold of. Even simple experiences we got from the utilization of gadgets, technological tools or other advanced devices, we should share these to other persons for them to know that such things might happen to themselves too and so they can also learn from you. Sharing is something you can contribute in having a very good future even if we are surrounded with technological advancements in the next years. In fact, other person’s learning comes from information being shared to them.

9. Always Remember the Basics

It is appropriate to keep the lessons you have learned in the past. They can help you whenever the technology in the future fails. If you are so much dependent with it, then most likely, you will fail too. It is important to remember the things our elders have taught us–to go back to basics when everything goes wrong. The great and amazing things existing today are founded on strong foundation, so we should stick with the fundamental things we have been taught of for we can have them as our best alternative when something bad is going to happen. Well, I am not afraid if a total blackout will occur in the future.



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