Technology Change

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
The question was...

Enumerate reasons why we use technology today. What are some points that have influenced us? What are the factors involved in technology change?

We use technology since we know that it is the most appropriate tool we could use for certain things that we can't do quicker, faster and better... i simply mean that technology offers great advantages human can't afford.. certainly, as what Toffler asserted in his book Future Shock, "the time between the first and second stages of the innovative cycle-between idea and application-has been cut radically." This means that when technology was brought up, such delays before in idea and application has been cut thoroughly.. technology has the ability to make shortcuts and is able to hasten the processes.

Some factors that influenced us to use technology are the environment, the teachings in school and media..

It is irresistible to adopt with our environment, technology is around us... You can see these tools over many places and with it, their uses have been extensively endorsed to us.
Secondly, it is from school that we learn deeply from these tools, with it we were able to understand its significance and great aid to our lives that's why at the end of the day, we we tend to embrace the existence of technology in our lives..
Finally, the media, it is from them we were informed about new and innovating technologies... Promotion of tecnology from the media is indeed, an irresistible way to attract the audience to use such technologies...

The most significant factor that involved the technology change is the continuous and never-ending human needs... and more importantly, humans are significantly smarter as time goes by.. when new technology is created, eventually, this calls for humans to create another and definitely, better than it...


Toffler, A. (1970). Future Shock. New York: Random House.


  • Ronald

    Of course, technology change. It's more than obvious. hehehe peace

  • charmj

    I totally agree with you ms bustamante. Humans will never be satisfied, thus resulting to more innovations.

  • ren

    yeah i agree with your statements regarding our technology and the factors affecting it...

    anywy, tanx s pag-agi sko blog.. ang iphone?hmm pg pwede na ukay2 or tapok2 n ang iphne did2.hahaha knang murag tulo diyes ang dating...bcig pwede p...hehhehe godbless!

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