No, Thank You Tech

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Technology has brought significant events in our lives whether we acknowledge it or not. Some people who were able to perceive the existence of technology, still prefer to live with the strong idea not to praise its existence but rather believe that technology brings no good to the society, these people are called technophobic. They are the ones who are afraid to embrace the rhetoric of the future. However, the great opposite of these people are the so-called technomanic, who embrace technology as already part of their lives.

Now whether, there exists two opposite people in our information age, the main concern is how these two connect and represent the present humanity in this ever-evolving tech-world. I have to say that even I strongly believe that I fall under category two, I still fear what the future stores for us especially for the ones that create them, humans. Technology have brought significant changes in our lifestyle from waking up in the morning until we found ourselves late at night dreaming with technologies still involved even in our very unconsciousness. Its impact has something to be concerned or disregarded of. It is up to us what the better option to choose from is.

Personally, I consider myself lucky since I was able to witness the transition in the technology developments since my early primary years in elementary wherein I was still the only pupil in the class who has a computer and knew the existence of it, up to now, wherein I could definitely prove to everyone that there was a great transition from the late 1990s to the present. Today, almost everyone recognizes the existence of these computers, even my cousin as early as two years old, she can turn on the power of my laptop without being instructed on how to, she is just definitely being observant of the things she was able to see and understand at her very early age. Though she doesn’t know about the computers but having been able to see right through her eyes the presence of it, undoubtedly, she would never be innocent when it comes to these things in the future.

The great technology evolution is very obvious to each of us especially for those who were able to understand and observe its pattern. We all know that as technology has continuously developed, human’s actions too are consistently changing. His habits, attitudes and daily routines have transformed to complement with his environment. I am not saying that humans are getting worse as days went by but it is to admit that with technology, attitudes and routines change to go along with the trend, for example, if you miss your loved ones, you don’t have to see them in person, just a call or a text sent to them is already a good way to alleviate the feeling.

Along with this, human values too are slowly changing. Though principles and moralities are still preserved, it is the humans that slowly destroying the instilled moral values in them. Just like for example, lying has never been so easy in texting… Everyone knows that a lie in text does not to be considered a very bad and heavy sin at all since it is done on a technology tool God has never mentioned before. Humans have forgotten that sins do not merely depend on the tools or things you use but it is on how you use and act with them.

Morality issue has been the very core subject about the impacts brought in part of the intervention of technology. However, let me also see the other obvious matter that relates to technology, the substantial and materialistic contribution it has supplied in our society. Electrical light bulb, has everyone be so thankful that they were invented by Edison? How about everyone of us sulk all night with candles or what if even candles were never made, will we all be depending on the light coming from fires? The invention of light has been so significant in our society (well, not that noteworthy for blind men).

How about the invention of automobiles? Have you imagined yourself going around the city by walking? Automobiles are indeed a very helpful transportation. Its impact to the society is best felt if one day, there is a real transportation hike. Next, the cameras… Maybe, these things are not that significant to the whole humanity but have you realized if cameras did not take into place? Maybe, our minds are the best storage for our memories nowadays. One has to be sure to have no memory gaps. What if no one has discovered radio waves and with that, telephones, televisions, cellphones etc. never existed? Well, maybe to convey my message to my parents that I arrived on my apartment just in time will be through people and that would take days for them to know that. Eventually, I would not be able to big difference with that from what the advantage I have now when I was not able to know what are cellphones at all. Thanks to Hertz, he discovered radio waves. Marconi’s antenna and wireless telegraph have been so useful guides for today’s generation in creating wireless mobile, wireless internet and soon will make everything wireless. Have you considered that maybe until now, without him even if telephones are invented, we use them at home or workplace only? Well, not so bad to consider anyway. It is still better than that with no communication means at all. Refrigerators are hazardous to our environment, it emits chemicals that destroy our ozone layer but still, I am partly grateful that it was invented, I have this great indulgence with ice creams. Have you been thankful to be effectively informed through television? Well, I could still rely on newspapers even without its existence.

In the medicine field, I have been thankful that insulin was discovered to treat diabetic person like me. Though I am still not on the stage of being treated with it but I somehow acknowledge that technology has discovered it. How about the discovery on RNA and DNA by Franklin, DNA testing has been so helpful to humans. Without it, I may not able to know someday that I might be one of the Holy Grail’s descendants. But of course, I was not being serious, I just wanted to imply that DNA has been a very successful discovery in the field of medicine. The test tube baby, this has been an answered prayer for couples who cannot bear child. Indeed, test tube baby is an alternative choice for same sex marriage couples to protect their rights to build and rear a family.

Finally, the two most significant events for me that took into place were the invention of computers and the creation of the World Wide Web. I am so grateful for University of Pennsylvania for developing ENIAC computers from which computers today were inherited from. Computers are great technology tools that help make our lives a lot easier. Especially when communication protocol was introduced in 1980 which led to the creation of Internet, it has been the start of the great phenomenal innovation in entire human’s lives. Computers and internet have provided extensive benefits that humans cannot afford. Nowadays, their implications are kept and carried on for it is from them we see the other side of our lives which speaks for convenience and practicality.

Though I had mentioned a few nice things and “just things” above, you must remember that whether you are thankful or not that they were invented and discovered, still, it is human’s brilliant works and minds you must be concerned about. If you hate technology, then hate the one who create them and ask why he invented it if he will just make you mad. Remember that technology is not our enemy if one day, something is not going right, it is ourselves that must take care of that blame someday. The ones who create them are the ones who will destroy them. In other words, he who creates such new technology should also know what are its implications otherwise, he should not invent them.

Its impact to our society is due to the extensive application and attention we put on them. Technophobic and technomanic, at the end, have nothing to do with how they embrace technology. They will be just the same people in the same society. There will be no more distinctions between the two. The focal point is, the humanity will be accountable for whatever impact has brought by technology. Technology has technically no impact if the humans are dense, it is like they do not react in any sense. Impact has something to deal with responses. Thus, it is possible that if humans will create just enough responses, this will provide with the fact that technology’s impact then will also be just enough. Along with this statement, humans must know how to handle technology and certainly how to act in response to its great implications. Just like if new innovations are being introduced, he should be able to know how to properly deal with them.



  • Ariane

    about mobile phones.. uhmmm.. they said 'nga' sent or forwarded messages have lost its real meaning because you don't really intend to let the receiver feel its meaning.. ahahaha.. kasabot ka?.. hehe.. kanang basta kay makaforward lang ka pytz na..;)

  • informaxona


    kasabot au lessened the true meaning of delivered messages... para lng ka unli..atay..char..ehehe

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