IT Professional’s Long Journey

Thursday, December 4, 2008
Three to four months from now, I will finally be bringing my title as a BSIT degree holder. That is if…. luck is on my side or if I would be a better student for such a span of time… But anyway, no matter how long it will take for me to take hold of such title, the question would be, am I worthy to be called as an IT professional then? I was weighing this question for the past months until I have joined the review for PHILNITS exam and I, in fact, realized that my knowledge on IT were not yet enough for me to be called a proficient and expert on my field and I was somehow having some doubts on how will people recognize and believe me as a BSIT graduate someday if they would be going to ask me related to my field and I would not be able to answer them.. Such a shame on my part… But maybe, I believe that each of us has a specific field from which we could say that it is that something we can be proud of… Good example is our research topics in CS Research Methods, I believe that these topics we chose are the things we do have lots to contribute and share with. Perhaps, these are the things we could somewhat identify which field we are more capable of. That is why I believe that to be an IT Professional does not have to be perfect and well-knowledge in all subjects our field has identified, it does matter if there is an important or maybe several subjects in that field you are well trained and capable of. There is a contribution of skills and abilities in our field, one can never be good in all subjects in the IT field.

Now, IT professionalism deals with specializing certain branches in IT field. There are lots of IT professionals out there inventing all sorts of technology to ensure convenience, and making our lives a lot easier. Maybe, if I had such great ability to invent new technology, my concern would most likely focus on our environment. I mean, I must be likely inventing technologies that are environment-friendly.

The first thing that came to my mind is a technology that would replace air conditioners. Aircon has lots of negative effects in our environment and I would like to replace them with a technology that do the same thing as them but in better ways, in other words, they do not harm our environment. Secondly, I would be more focus on developing the use of solar energies. Solar energies for cars, to home, to everything that is controlled or powered by any energy sources which actually, could be replaced by solar energies as alternative. Thirdly, the use of plants as materials and resources for creating technology tools or gadgets. Indeed, there are lots of information available in the internet about certain plants as alternatives for some parts in gadgets that could not be recycled anymore. Guyule, a kind of plant that could be easily raised, can be used as biofuel source, corn to replace plastics, algae as a good replacement for fuels too, and lotus to be used in creating touch screen devices. Amazing isn’t it, these plants can indeed replace non-biodegradable products and what is really good about these facts are that they can easily be raised and found anywhere.

In terms of communication, for now, I am fully satisfied with innovations created in this field. Indeed to compare today’s way of communication from before, there has been a great difference and advancement from past to present. But for me, it would be better that the “earth is flat” idea must be given more emphasis, communication technologies must be developed more to conform to this statement. I know there are still awaiting technologies to prove this statement. On the other hand, one technology that I really want to be available to each of us is the person tracker. In this technology, I believe it would be much of help when we will realize that tracking a person is a lot helpful just like when cellphones were invented, I was many times thankful with technology that the process between several things has been done quicker and effortless. Like for some instances, calling all members in a group to meet in a place, talking with important persons in long distances, etc. I know that someday tracking a person is definitely needed. This system might also make people grateful that this sort of technology has been invented.

Another technology that I would like to be developed someday is the mood switcher or a technology that could change negative moods into lighter ones. This seems funny but this thing could certainly make people less downbeat… Everything would seem to be more enthusiastic and optimistic. Which would mean a better world. But I somehow know that there must be a balance of good and evil to perceive a real world. But anyway, going back to the said technology, actually, at home we have this ionized energy saving bulb that works the similar functions of which I imagined. This bulb is plugged electrically and has really very bright light. This light, believe it or not, emits negative ion atom with electrical charges. This means that people that would somehow see and feel the light would also feel better… It is because such ions, in fact, has a refreshing energy effect in human. It works in 5 major functions: cleanses the blood, rejuvenates the cells, enhances our immune system, normalizes the nervous system and it has the ability to control free radicals, these radicals are the pollutants in the air. This makes your surrounding a lot active than that it seemed to be. My family used whenever we are tired.

One good technology too, that I would like to be developed is actually, some sort of a program. It is a system that helps a decision maker creates good and effective decisions as to arrive certain good outputs. This will mainly work on business establishments and companies, a sort of simulation of company’s structure and events if a decision has been made. I know there are lots of these technologies developed already but I would want to see more developments from this field, more accurate and more effective results that must be outputted after a decision has been made.

By the way, in terms of business, securities regarding business transactions are which I would want to see from with more developments too. These include better and more idealistic business transactions like we can transact anytime and anywhere. I would love to feel someday like paying bills will only be done through the tips of our fingers and in just a matter of few clicks. No hassles and everything is being processed flawlessly.

On the other hand, technologies in the field of education are also likely to be more developed in the future. Maybe a more realistic class environment in virtual learning is better developed so that, the feeling to be in a real classroom setting is still present even if it is done through the cyberspace. I know, virtual learning is ideal for individuals from far distances.

Anyway, I would also love to develop technologies in relative to caring for our nature. Garbage segregator is definitely a good idea. Garbage cans must be technologically developed. When a garbage is thrown to them, the cans will automatically segregate them into biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Biodegradable wastes are used to create organic fertilizers maybe, and non-biodegradable wastes will be recycled if possible. Also, a garbage-thrower detector technology along the streets must also be developed. Those people throwing their garbage anywhere, in wrong places are detected by this sort of technology detector and so letting the authorities arrest them.

Technology also like what my classmates had presented last Saturday, the vertical farming is actually a very good technology. It is a technology with sense. I hope more developments from this technology must be discovered especially that for now, concerns about the plants’ health are not really the same with plants grown in fields. Along with this, plant cloning is also another good technology.

Well, even if I had imagined all these technologies, I am still not certain if this would make our lives safer and better. Technologies remain tools and it is up to us on how to use them. It is up to us then on how these will affect our lives. They just operate according to how we operate them. I know that humans have never-ending needs and wants in life, when one is discovered another innovation is yet to be created and discovered. Discovery after discoveries. As an IT professional, he does not need to create a technological and advanced tool for him to be called worthy of his title. Professionalism deals with great handling and responsibility. It is still the attitude that defines one’s professionalism just like any other jobs and professions. All of them requires single and important factor in order to be called professional. The attitude that defines them. The attitude that mold their personality. Even if one is good and very skilled and expert in that particular field, and he is lacking that one significant factor, how he acts, he does not deserved to be called professional in his field. Firstly, professionalism requires great and firm discipline. Discipline is a developing attitude.

I know in time that even if I graduate, I will be still questioning myself worth to be called IT professional but I know anyhow that it is my attitude, the positive attitude that would help me to be more confident as an IT professional. I will be just responsible with my actions both technically and non-technologically. It is from that it matters most.

Everyone of us in the IT field must be dreaming and yearning to become one of the top and competent IT professionals in the big arena. But personally, we do not have to aim an almost unimaginable goal since I know that there are lots better than me out there. Maybe to become a great IT professional within myself is already enough for as long as I will be greatly positive and confident that I am. At least in my own self, I will be already proud since I will be the first IT professional in my whole family clan since from my great grand fathers… (I hope so…As far as I know…)

Lastly, as I dreamed to become an IT professional someday, the pressures are getting much heavier as each moment passes by. It is like any moments from now, my proofs for being one is destroyed. Months to go and I certainly have lots of things to do in order to substantiate that I could be one. I still have lots to prove with myself. I still have lots of steps before the middle-line… pressures and stresses are everywhere… Perhaps, strong motivation and pure determination will guide me throughout the whole journey to IT professionalism. Though anyway, I have been so thankful that I have received enough emotional, parental, social and financial support. My family has always been more than enough good motivation for me, my parents are so very proud of me, especially my mama who is so very supportive and ever proud mother to tell everyone that I might soon be an IT professional. She does even bother to explain what does it mean. With that, it has driven me enough motivation to let her statements be real someday.

For the whole past four years, being a regular student has been one of the greatest prices I have received through my entire college life. I have been very focus on the track that I was treading... But this time I am yearning for a greater cost, for a greater and better outcome, I am yearning to graduate, to take hold of a title, a title that would also call me similar to it, a BSIT degree holder and maybe an IT professional.



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    luck is not true, we get something because we deserve to get it..

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