I think, therefore I exist…

Sunday, December 14, 2008
glaiyzexistence.blogspot.com… have you wondered why my domain name is glaiyzexistence and not informaxona?

Well, it is because before, my blog’s name was I Exist… (just for your information) It was to tell the whole world that someone named glaiyze exists, and since it would be hassle to inform everyone that I am going to change my domain name into informaxona after I created my current title, I decided that maybe I will retain it for the meantime and change it later to informaxona.com when I will be acquiring my own domain already.

Now, the title’s brief history was because I am very curious about my existence… I do randomly ask questions like why I exist, what’s the purpose of my existence and the likes… Maybe just to kill the boredom temporarily, I am wondering for all those mysteries…

And since I am aware of these thoughts, these perceptions and things like what I am supposed to do next, I am very much certain that I exist… Maybe without my body, without anyone able to touch me, I still believe that I am existing, it since I am thinking… I am being responsive with everything and my consciousness tells me that I am real even without my flesh… My existence is all about my thoughts, my speaking mind, and my out-of-the-way perceptions… I exist because I think I do…well, I strongly believe and aware that I do…


  • charmj

    well literally..it would just depend on how we live our daily lives that could really assess us if we do really exist..

  • rejserenity

    weeeh.! of corz we do exist.. more especially coz we think we are responsible enuf with our own life.. but then existence doensnt limit with our own... we must consider also the other issues around us.. we must not think only fro our own betterment - for our own success in studies or in life.. think of it - we do our best forour own but then do we think and help the other group for our presentation.?

    existence doesn't rely on how we deal with our own self.. reflect more..^^

  • anthony

    ..the purpose of our existence doesn't only focus on ourselves but also to the persons and environment where we are living in..

  • informaxona


    hmmm...i agree with you... maybe a well interaction with others proves your existence...

  • informaxona


    responsibility is a factor of existence

  • informaxona


    yeah ryt...i exist because u exist...ana?

  • marco

    “Existence really is an imperfect tense that never becomes a present.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Tambay Mode

    I think therefore I glaiyEXISTence in the blog name palang.... you're already exist..... wahahah

  • _elated_

    char... tanan man ta nag-exist diri sa world... aw... peace out te... well, just like what you have said, we do have reasons why we exist in this world...and we should be happy about it because we know that we are born for other people and not for ourselves... char lang... pagcomment pud sa akua uie...

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