Saturday, November 1, 2008
Am I getting enough of it?

Even if I did have plenty of rests these past few days, I doubt if I was getting enough of it just sufficient to get back my energy after the devastating pressures and stresses last semester.
Well, anyway, I had a good time to watch movies… and I have learned good as well as bad lessons from them..haha And I’ve got to spend short vacation with my lil cousins in our home.. Axyl and Cleyah together with their mama…

Speaking of these two kids, I guess they were a bit “trouble” with my semester break since I’ve got to take care of them.. I mean, watch over these kids sometimes while their mom’s busy doing household chores. But anyway, it was not that worrisome after all since I have my sister to assist me… Actually, she takes care of them most of the times and I am left here in my room watching movies…hehe

Anyway, going back to the topic… I hope these 5 days of rest (well, I’m still thankful we were given a short vacation even if it was really shorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttt!) will be just, just enough to prepare ourselves for another loooooooooooonnnngggggg semester! I miss you USeP!haha


  • kharen

    thankful pud japon q na nkarest ta kahit days lang..


    gudluck for the second sem..

    i knw we can make it..

    especially kamo.


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