Fear of the Future

Sunday, November 30, 2008
I was asked by our professor if I am afraid of the future, in terms of the emergent and developing machines that would take place in the future… I answered him “medyo”… and I knew deep inside me that I really am afraid…

I was being honest… I am afraid that in the future, technologies’ impact to the people will make them less-ethical people. Values and ethics as well as, real identities will be easily waned and faked out. Even today, fake emotions such as typing “huhu” in text doesn’t even mean real at all… Recreating ourselves in cyberspace will never be a hard time for us… we can have certain multiple identities and personalities at the same time as long as the ones we’re faking on don’t see us face-to-face. And what if everything is done in cyberspace… personal touch and social interactions are no more practiced in the future…? I am afraid that the daily routine we’ve got at home, bonding and quality time with my family will be done on cyberspace already… even dinner with them will be no longer a significant family daily affair… and that we’ll only be taking pills and tablets good for 3 meals a day… I can’t barely imagine them happening in real… I really don’t want such things will occur… hopefully not…while I’m still alive…

I believe that as long as technologies are created and moral values are concerned, technologies remain tools… tools that have their own significant purposes why they were created…and that they must be used in the way they should be…

I remembered from my programming days that Ma’am Maui told us that we could never have miracles in programs… that prayers will never help us in solving difficult machine problems… now, I realized that this somehow really applies… technologies are things that we could not lay our faith on them… Somehow, I understand now that there are some who say that God doesn’t know everything about these tools, He doesn’t exist on them at all.. I even once imagined someone saying “mayg kabalo ang Ginoo ani ako ginabuhat nga wala man siya kabalo ani nga butanga, even unsaon pagpaandar ani”… from that I realized, our faith in God and His existence are seen through our actions… this is not about new tools God doesn’t know about… it’s about how we act and how we recognize good from evil… God and His existence…and our faith in Him are our guide and reasons why prefer not to do the opposite things…the bad ones… coz we know from the beginning of our consciousness that they are against God’s will… recognizing Him in everything we do puts us in better place…and so this applies in technology, for as long as we recognize that lying in online chats is bad at all, and to prefer not to say “huhu” when we really are hurt, sending them a blank message instead, keeps us away from displaying fake emotions making us unpretentious… These simple bad things are against His will and this should guide us in using technology… to see and be not afraid of what the future had stored for us is to preserve the good values we have and learned in the past… this will lead us on the right track…

I strongly believe that as long as values hold humanity as I’ve mentioned in the previous entry, there’s nothing to be worried about… Boundaries between good and evil will always be held and abutted… now, I am afraid not to fear of the future…=)


  • rejserenity

    hehehe.. hoping so that the future wouldnt be just tomorrow then.?

    honestly im kinda bothered also bout the high technology andto loose the culture and the good environment also..

  • kenneth tello

    nice kau ang question ni sir sa inyo...if i'm the one that will answer that question, i won't be afraid of the future since we are the one's that created technology, we also know how to defeat them. Murag kanang sa movie.hehehe

  • Ronald

    I commented to the post of Mr. Cane about this topic and I stressed out the word "ACCEPTANCE".
    In addition to, we all have our own fears but the best way is overcome those fears and make Him our guide in building a great future.

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