Congratulations to us… (Expectation vs. Hope)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate Mr. Rendell Andrin of BS Computer Science for having passed the Philnits Exam last October 19th. Really, I am so proud of him… He deserves it anyway… (IPhone lang ako Ren…hehe)

I did expect that I would not be able to pass the exam but still I was hopeful for a little chance to pass it but unfortunately, such lil hope I prayed wasn’t granted. I was not in fact, disappointed or had any dismays, negative reactions etc. since knowing that one of us had passed the exam was really already a big good news for me. We did predict already that Rendell had a big chance to pass the exam considering his capabilities and we were just right.

I say congratulations to us since firstly, USeP has another something to be proud of. (I hope by next week, a banner recognizing Rendell’s triumph will be flaunted in the main gate…)

I say congratulations to us since I believe, we, Agnes, Tello and Kuya Angelo though were not able to pass the exam eventually, has been everyone’s motivation to pass the exam since we really know at first that we are the keys for next year’s new and hopefully more students to take the Philnits review if one of us has been able to pass the exam…

I say congratulations to us since for the nth time it has been again proven that some of the best students in the university are found here in our department though we just don’t flaunt it…

Lastly, congratulations for all Philnits Passers… (for the list of October passers, visit


  • rejserenity

    hehehe mao jd., im so proud of him..

    he's the proud of USeP also..

    laptop lng pud gani ako hehehe

  • Pvegetah

    I'm PhilNITS Examinee also here in Davao. By the way Keiven pala to sa UIC. Congratulation pala sa USePian for doing good job in PhilNITS.

    Sayang din hindi ako nakapasa muntikan lang. AM-594/800 PM-584/800

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