Finally… I guess…

Saturday, October 11, 2008
This has been a very, very long day for me… And finally, Sir Val Quimno had accepted our system. It was not really that easy..,. and my patience was really tested…

And since I am so tired, I can’t really tell you the whole story about our system and how it was accepted…

Just maybe give you a little idea about it…

Our proposed system – Automated Memorandum Dissemination in Institute of Computing

Subjects – Software Engineering 1 and Software Engineering 2

Instructor – Michael Angelo Cagape

Teammates – Agnes Galinato, Regina Abadilla, Mark Van Buladaco

Some important things I really won’t forget and I will treasure because of this project:

- Taxi fares
- Late dinners (usahay)
- data transfers (from my CPU to Agnes’ to my CPU na pud)
- CPU kargadors
- Mark’s lines (“Sorry ayo Sir ha?”)
- My Laptop
- Sir Mican’s Boodels
- Mcdo Snacks for Sir (naglaway ko)
- Sir Val’s “What’s going on huh?”
- Additional Requirements (nga permente ug balik2 na lang jud, dili na lng jud isahon)
- Julie’s absence (kanunay wala---peace jul!, tama apil sya sa teammates: Julie Niones)
- PALAW (usahay mapalaw mi dala dala sa bug-at ayong CPU diay to dili mi pwede makapaconsult/makapacheck…huhu sakit sa buot)
- CPU as chair (tawn gilingkuran ni Sir Mican ako CPU…nalumping gud!ahuhu)
- CPU as Sipa-sipaan (gisipa pud niya kapila ako CPU..pero wala gud tuyua gud…hehe)
- Sir Mican’s F1 (kung mahutana mi niya muana dayon sya nga F1---help sa VFP---Sorry sa dili karelate..hehe)
- Closeness to Sir Val and Sir Mican (char.. bitaw nasuod namo sila…)
- Love life (hmm… bitaw… Si Rhod ug si Cheng kay medyo nadamay2 pud ani amo project…hehehe)
- Abading (Future programmer tawn..perteng hawda…hehe)
- Lastly, STRONGER FRIENDSHIP (char.. pero tinuod jud… nistrong jud amo bond..kahilak..hehehe)

Hmmm… Really we’re hoping that we‘d be able to finish the documentations next week… Aja! Hehehe ang CS Research na lang jud…huhu


  • informaxona

    by the way, the above-mentioned names sa Lovelife nga cla Rhod ug Cheng kay mao na amo inspiration ni Agnes..


  • rejserenity

    aw.! hehehe lingawa sa imo post woie..

    lge.. wla jud dapat year extension ha.. dapat lng.. weeeh.!

    gdluck sa ato tnan.!

    hehehe.. ang SE jud ang tinik sa to lyf nlng jud ato buh.. weeeh.! at least mkpgbreak na ta after october 19.. hehehe

    best regardz.!

  • rejserenity

    wla jud xa na finally.. ellipsis gni xa heheh

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