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Sunday, October 19, 2008
I Am A PhilNITS Passer???

In my dreams… huhu just 1 and a half hours ago my agony has finally come to an end… The Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination was to some extent, the most difficult exam I have ever taken?!? I think so… my thinking capacity was really tested and the experience was really exceptional. And honestly, I doubt if I had passed the exam… lucky to consider if good fortune was on my side that moment I was taking the exam that I felt like I was striving for survival.hehe but anyway, I have always thought that being so determined and enough fundamental IT knowledge were sufficient for me to pass the exam but I guess, I was hmmm… wrong… the exam really required a very excellent basic IT fundamentals knowledge as well as, excellent logical and analytical thinking skills which I guess, these things are the things that I would need to improve more for myself..

But for me, it is not that really disappointing if ever I failed the exam, it’s the experience I really valued from it after all. Anyway, I can always have and try second chances. But it would have been better if I really passed the exam! I really hope so… I did my best anyway but I am still doubtful if I had given out the best in me today since firstly, there were chances during the exam that I was caught on few items which I ended up guessing from the choices given which were really wastes of time. I should have focused more on the easier items… (EASIER???) I guess there were no such items in the exam which were EASY… maybe there were…but not as easy as what you think…hehe

Finally, I really wish that as soon as possible, I’ll be informed of the exam’s outcome since honestly, I’m very excited to know what’s my score from that exam, it’s somewhat a personal evaluation of myself if I did learn good and many things from my field.. hehe THANK YOU GOD in advance… failed or not…I’m still thankful..


  • pvegetah

    Hi Glaiyze,

    Keiven pala to. from UIC.

    I hope lahat tayo makapass sa PhilNITS para meron tayong future sa Japan.


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