Saturday, September 13, 2008
Are we being recognized in the IT arena here in Region XI? I have asked this question to myself last night. We had our 3rd review session yesterday and I am afraid to tell you that the whole thing last night was hmmm… lay klaro… For the third session, we still talked about the overview of the review and I believe it was discussed already in the orientation. It just I expected that yesterday would be our 1st review of the topics on computer systems etc. I and Agnes were somewhat disappointed but anyways, we had our chance to make group discussions and sharing with our other classmates who were also part of the review, Rendell, Tello and Kuya Angelo. Fortunately, I was able to learn something worth from them. And actually, Rendell, Agnes and I had really so much fun since we always add jokes to the topics we discussed but of course, we were also most of the times, serious.

Actually, I got easily bored last night since Sir Loy left us. I was expecting that he would talk a lot about the first three IT Common Body of Knowledge (Computer Science Fundamentals, Computer System and System Development Operation) but unfortunately, he didn’t. So we were just left discussing with ourselves.

Before the end of our review last night, Sir Loy approached our group and asked us how was our group discussions and unluckily, the current page of our mock examination test that time was on the page of management accounting which he noticed, so he told us that we should focus more on the 3 IT Common Body of Knowledge since the most items included in the exam were coming from that 3 bodies of IT knowledge. But actually, before he approached our group we were focused on those three, it just happened that the exam test was turned to that page when he came. Kainis…

But anyway, before he left, I asked him why there were just 5 slots given to USeP for the sponsored review and exam coz honestly, I was really confused why there were many slots given to other schools (I don’t want to name them but these schools are two of the renowned PRIVATE schools in Davao) considering that the students from these schools could afford to pay for review and exam fee. And I was really disappointed since I believe those slots must be given to those who cannot afford to pay. In our school, there was indeed, few of my classmates who wanted to take the exam, really they were very interested but since the review and exam are expensive, they can’t afford to pay, (luckily, I belong to the 5 students who were given the chance to take the review and exam for free). Going back to Sir Loy, I told him that in public schools, the motivation of the students to pass the exam are higher since most of us coming from public are aiming for great job opportunity to assist our families and I added that if students from public are given great opportunities such taking the review and exam for free, most of us would take full advantage of the given chances.

Well, I believe, he got my point but I guess he has his own reason why there were more slots given to one of these two private schools. It is because last year, a student from this school had almost passed the exam, she passed the AM exam, however, failed the PM exam, and now, she’d be taking a removal exam. But for me, it doesn’t mean that if a student from a school had almost passed the exam would mean that there are greater chances that students from the same school would pass the exam this coming Oct. 19. I mean, her colleagues don’t possess the same thinking capacity as her. And as what Loy had said from the previous sessions, this is not about which school is better than the other, which curriculum is better, but who are those individuals being equipped with the basic computer fundamentals.

Hmmmm… well, he lastly told us that if we wanted our school be recognized in the IT field and so, will be given lots of opportunities, activity programs and trainings from their sponsors and other NGOs since I have also learned that they’ve already conducted different activities in these private schools to test the students’ skills and capacity in IT by initiating different exams to them, unluckily, he made mentioned that they’ve not yet initiated such programs in USeP which really disappointed me (medyo naulaw ko sa amo mga kabatchmates that time, nakaingon ko grabe wala ninyo ilhi ako school?huhuhuhu), so he advised us to do our very best in the exam as pioneering best IT students from USeP to help our school be recognized and so, our school will be given great opportunities in the future. It has really challenged us a lot and the load of pressure is even heavier but with this, we really want that we’ll be recognized since I believe our students in school are as good as them, maybe, could be better and best if trained well.

Hmmm… This made us more motivated and inspired na dapat jud makapasa mi!!! Aja! Hehehe
But anyway, to every CS/IT student from USeP that would be reading this blog post, please, please help me to prove to them that we are worth to be recognized in the IT field. Dili ta padiscriminate buh… Ayaw jud mog sugot tawn guys!

By the way, there were 3 drop-outs from our batch, and we asked Sir Loy if their slots could be given to other interested persons, unluckily, DILI daw… kalagot… these studs are coming from the same school I’ve mentioned above… Some of them really, were not that interested, they were just picked to fill in the empty slots allocated for their school.


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