The Challenge

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
The Philnits review has just started last September 6, Saturday. I belong to the batch 3 of review takers who’s schedule is Friday 4-8PM, Saturday 5-8PM and Sunday 1-5PM. I’ve learned that our batchmates are from AdDU, UP and UIC. We’re more or less 37 in that batch.

The review was supervised by the 1st Davao passer in Philnits, Mr. Aloysius L. Torres or he preferred us to call him “Loy”. He gave us little ideas on what are the possible upshots during the course of the review and had tipped of us firstly that we should take the challenge to pass the examination and put Davao in the map as IT destination. According to him, only Manila and Cebu are the cities being recognized in other countries and even here in our country as IT destinations.

I believe he really wants us to pass the exam (who would not wish to pass anyway) since he has given us really impressive preparation for us to be able to pass it. Last Sunday, he had given us a mock examination which is really, weeeeeww… lisud!!! (tough) There were only 16 answers that I was confident enough that I got it right, my real score is 25 out of 80! Well, the top scorer in our batch gained 43 but I learned that Cathy, the one who topped, was a last year’s Philnits taker who pass the AM exam but failed the PM exam which she would be retaking this October 19 Philnits exam. There are two categories of exam that should be passed, the AM and PM, PM is a lot tougher than the AM exam according to past takers, since PM exam includes debugging a program.

Anyway, Sir Loy gave us a FE Exam Preparation Book which he granted it to us free!!! According to him, the said book would cost a thousand pesos but since we were sponsored by Philnits Review Sponsors (which I forgot to ask from my colleagues…my apologies for them…I’d be posting the sponsors next time), the book is free of charge. Sir Loy, however, has informed us that he will be withdrawing the said book from us if we’ll not pass the Philnits exam… =( (dili na kinahanglan warningan mi uie kay iuli man jud nako para mapuslan sa sunod nga batch, mupasar gud daw ko…!hahahaha) by the way, he’s not from Davao actually, but he took the exam here in Davao in the year 2003 since his girlfriend, now, his wife (who also passed the exam) is a resident here… though he’s been living here for 2 years already, he could not speak Bisaya but could understand a little. I hope he’d be able to understand my blabla above…hahaha

FYI: Only 6 Philnits passers from Davao in the whole history of Philnits. Only one from Davao who passed the said exam last year, she’s from UP-Min. More than 500 passers out of approximately 4,500 takers last year. Philnits or Philippine National IT Standards Foundation is formerly, Jitse Philippines, has collaborated with JETRO or Japan External Trade Organization. Passing the exam guarantees a very good job in Japan and the pay would range up to $3,000. Japan needs 90,000 IT engineers. (I got these information during the Philnits FE Certification Exam Orientation Seminar last September 5, 2008 at University of Immaculate Conception-AVR1, Bonifacio Campus).


  • snage

    dai, gudluck to us. we both know wer not desrving to hav dis opprtunity, bt i thnk 8s gvn to us to keep track of the things wev been setting aside for the past months.. hehehe..ngabasa2 ngud ko gmy...

  • informaxona

    tama btw nez...! reading the materials we had...nakaingon ko nga mao ni ang IT...i planned to get my own copy of the said philnits review book if bawion man sa ato to...ahihih

  • rsgamboa

    hmmmm... sori .. don't agree with ur sir LOY ... maybe 5 yrs ago davao is not in the IT destination map ... BUT look at DAVAO now...see/hear/find/research 4 urself ....

    anyway gud lak sa nyo 2 ...

  • rejserenity

    weeeh.! paphotocopy ang drama dai.. ahihihihi..

    weeeh.! btaw woie.. even the fact that teher were few that had been passed in the exam, take to realize kaya nyo rin yan.! weeeh.!

  • informaxona

    to Sir RSG:

    lagi sir noh?? but that's what he told us... when he attended a training in JAPAN last Feb, he said that as he was introducing himself in that training that he was representing Davao, most participants there were asking him where's that place so it made him realized that Davao is still not being recognized as an IT destination here in our country...they only knew about Manila and Cebu...

  • I just wanna ask if the said scholarship has really the intention to grant an scholarship? U said that last year only 1 passed the exam and I heard also about it. The biggest question in my mind is "Is this a true standard? or their stupid standard?" The best programmers in Davao took the exam and they didn't passed. What standard are they talking about? For they are substandard. Common sense yan. Sori for the words.

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