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Thursday, August 14, 2008
Three o’clock early this morning I was again bothered by my morning sickness, which my doctor named it allergic rhinitis but I would prefer to call it with “weight-decreasing sneeze” coz believe me, each sneeze would cost a kilogram decrease on my weight for it’s like I’m releasing some body parts to the air. But of course, it’s not literally meant, it’s just that the feeling was really like that. But anyway, though I’ve been sneezing every morning, this time it was worse. I could feel the strains in my nose aching as well as in my throat and it even lasted for more than two hours which totally disturbed my sleep, well, I’ve been lacking sleep hours from the previous nights and I really wanted to get enough rest but here it goes my illness which I think was the payment for being so careless lately. I must have taken my medication which I forgot if I’ve actually got any…

But anyways I wrote this entry not because I wanted to share what’s the cure of such illness or what are its symptoms, coz really, I even don’t know (so if you have any recommendation please don’t hesitate to share it with me, it would be a great help). Well, I do just want to share about the movie I’ve watched 2 hours after the start of my weight-decreasing sneeze. I’ve decided to watch a movie entitled Next to temporarily divert my concentration from my aching nose and throat to an awesome action sci-fi movie. And well, it actually worked.

The movie was about a gifted person named Cris played by Nicolas Cage who was given a chance to see his future in the next 2 minutes. He’s also a magician and is very good with tricks. His special ability to see the future was first discovered by authorities when he struck a mugger who he saw in the future killing 2 innocent people in the casino where he usually plays. Of course, the people would definitely be frightened by his actions not being able to perceive what he sees, so, he was chased by authorities inside the said casino but he was able to escape from them using the said ability and it was really, really cool.

Authorities and paranormal experts had then discovered his ability by looking over and over on the surveillance cameras and even noticed the span of time of his special power which at that time, they had realized that his capability to see the future would be a big help to them in finding the nuclear bomb planted to destroy the whole city with 8 million people.

On the other hand, Nicolas Cage somehow, was focused on his first meeting with Liz Cooper played by Jessica Biel, who he admires so much. Liz who then likes him later in the movie had made love with him in a motel wherein authorities had already traced Cris.

Then the mind-blowing action events now take into the scene in which Cage has proven his astounding capabilities in performing action movies. Cris didn’t have any choice but to be in the authorities’ hands. So when he was with the authorities, he had seen the future through the TV News that Liz was held by the enemies who had placed bombs around her chest which later exploded. With this, he escaped from his captors and proceeded to the place where Liz was dropped by the enemies, hours before the supposed Liz’s death. So, this makes him decide to finally join with the authorities to trace the enemies and save Liz.

Another action episode took into the scene in which a complex scenario on the Cris' manipulation of his ability indeed amazed me. After finally defeat the enemies and saved Liz, Cris had found out that he had made a big mistake, the nuclear bomb exploded.

The enemies’ knack was indeed amazing. They had used Liz to divert the attention of Cris to her. The bomb was actually set in another location at a definite time. They knew that Cris would be focusing on seeing the future on saving Liz and not on the nuclear bomb.

But then the twist is this. All those events were actually seen by Cris at an earlier time… Remember, the love scene he had with Liz? The scenario went back to that scene in which he already predicted the series of events in the future including being captured by authorities to saving Liz to explosion of the nuclear bomb. So he decided to call the authorities to join with them but for a condition that they would leave Liz unaware of what they are going to do. He left Liz but promised to come back. The movie ended leaving to the audience the possible scenarios that would happen in saving the whole city. Cris had just handed over his power to the audience…

Well, I like the movie. How I wish I also have the same power as Cris so I’ll always have the best options and decisions ever. But anyway, I believe everyone of us could somehow do the same things…by thinking wisely and intelligently with the future consequences of our actions. You just have to think for best ways, best options and decide on which of these options would best arrive to your goals. Well, the big difference anyway between Cris’ power and our “guessing power” is that Cris is able to know the real response of his environment and people around him while ours, we have no idea how others would react since we don’t know how they think.

Hmmm… wait… my sneeze strikes again…


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