Virtual Crime

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
I actually belong to the virtual community and I sometimes worry about the exposure of my identity. I have read an article featured in Sunstar before that identity theft online is prevalent nowadays. Undeniably, we sometimes reveal information we thought not that significant or useful for others or maybe we thought that there are no risks in revealing these information anyway.

Just try to imagine this, those little pixels in the monitor screen are converted into hundreds or maybe thousands of virtual eyes viewing or watching over you every now and then from any point in the globe. Later, you’ll find out that you already have a virtual stalker tracking you from time to time. Or even worse, your identity has just been stolen by someone else and used this information against you.

Well, online social networking is indeed fun. You meet new friends, connect distant people and share knowledge with the virtual crowd but then it couldn’t always be denied that there are just some people whose job is to do things in the opposite way making our world balance. With this, let’s just have to be intelligently balanced as well by outdoing these evildoers. We have to ensure that the information we reveal must not disclose important personal details that might be useful or beneficial for others like complete address, bank account numbers, etc. or even pictures that could be used by someone mischievously. Remember that virtual crime may be the toughest mystery to solve where every virtual entity in the virtual community is a suspect. Worst, tracking of that particular person is done online, which means “offline” would save him from being caught.

This entry is actually a review on “Think before You Click” reported by Ms. Giesi Mae L. Gorgonio in Assignment 1, CS Research Methods subject.


  • rejserenity is undeniable that we live in virtual community.,

    hehehe one thing to secure from that is not to reveal our confidential info,

    just provide necessary info to the trusted sites

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