Research Topic Proposal: Technopreneur Blogging

Friday, August 8, 2008
I was really, really happy Wednesday when I checked the Research Topic Posts in Sir Randy S. Gamboa’s Forum ( and saw my research proposal on Technopreneur Blogging was immediately approved. Really, I was very glad that in just 20 minutes after I posted the said proposal, Sir RSG directly approved it without waiting for my classmates to comment for it (Sir RSG has instructed us in advance that before he’s going to approve our proposals, we should be gaining at least 5 comments first before he’s going to make some remarks).
It was actually, my second proposal. My first proposal was about the Online Releasing of Students’ Grades and Financial Accounts which gained 7 comments from my classmates however, did not interest our professor. In fact, he didn’t even at least give a short remark on it or any negative feedback from him which just meant, he was not really paying attention at all that giving negative feedbacks are not even necessary to notify me that the said topic is a no new to him. Huhuhu But then, it has given me enough motivation to think for another good proposal that could catch his attention.

I was actually thinking for 3 proposals. Those were: Comparative Study on Different Web Searching Algorithms; Research on E-Education Process and its Efficiency; and Technopreneur Blogging: The Incorporation of IT Knowledge and Business through Blogging. The last topic was certainly, the closest to my heart since I really have more interest on the said topic that’s why I submitted it. Indeed, blogging has been my favorite hobby lately.

Now, let me give you a rough idea about my research topic. What would be the factors or matters I’d be focusing on my research.

In point of fact, blogging has been recognized as a new method of information-sharing in the internet nowadays. And the blogosphere is indeed, the new virtual community. We, bloggers are not alone. Several individuals, in fact, hundreds of them are accessing our blogs every now and then. This somehow has given us a fact that our knowledge shared through our blogs has been actually perceived, used and applied by some of our readers around the globe. We may not be aware but we may already have regular readers and have consistently viewing our blogs to gain information and ideas from us.

With this, there are some advertisement providers and online money-maker companies that had observed these consistent schemes and approaches. So they had introduced many procedures to help, as well as, promote these blogs into the virtual community by providing the blog authors different methods on how to make money online and converting their virtual diaries into an effective money-making blogs, incorporating their knowledge shared through their blogs and business into one efficient technopreneur blog. Indeed, these providers have been very helpful to connect IT knowledge and business.

Certainly, blogging will give us a very wide and better access to people around the world and there’s just no equivalent of it in the offline world. Accordingly, there’s no better chance to share our knowledge, let others perceived it and appreciate us, and at the same time, making business out of it. It is not about selling our ideas but rather, sharing our knowledge with worth or value.

And so, my research would focus on the different methods on how IT knowledge and business are incorporated to make one efficient technopreneur blogging. Additionally, I’d be studying on the different procedures imposed by these providers to help blog authors resourcefully and capably make money online. Certainly, this research would help us, students on how to make blogging as a part-time job.

Follow this link for more research topics proposed. (
Some of which are already approved and some are still subject for approval.


  • rsgamboa

    hmmm ... CONGRATZ ... you can ask more help/consultation from BLOGGIE of Mindanao Bloggers or attend a seminar on WEB marketing to be conducted by IBM volunteers ..

  • meL

    elow glai....

    mao lng ni ako comment...

    hehehe.... joke

    nice glai, hope that you can pass the hardship^^

  • Dexter |

    Well goodluck to this research..IF it is not yet submitted..

    Blogging is really a fan way of earning and Socialization

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