Saturday, August 30, 2008
It’s been a while since my last post. And I apologize for my readers for having not been updated my blog lately… Well, I just did spend a very good rest. Rest from stresses and pressures… I realized that we need to give ourselves some break sometimes to refresh our minds.

I need to prepare myself for another long weeks since I’d be focusing more intensely on my research as well as, I received a confirmation from our dean that I belong to the 5 students from our department to take the PHILNITS exam for free. Wheeeewww.. And it would be another lot of pressure for me.

The exam, according to what I’ve heard from my friends, is an Information Technology Proficiency Exam in which if I’d be able to pass the said exam, it would be definitely my pro or edge in my future job applications. Now, reading the exam review materials, I am really, really doubtful if I’d be able to pass it since it requires a very excellent knowledge on IT and computer architectures. Gosh… Imagine, the exam is 6 days from now and I have to make an extreme training and review to be able to pass it… indeed, 6 days is a very, very short span of time… These aren’t just enough to be able to pass PHILNITS. And my discouragement to take the said exam even worsen when I’ve learned that there were only two individuals from Davao who passed the said exam in the entire history of PHILNITS which just means that it’s indeed a very, very tough one.

Well, anyways, the familiar excitement and challenge is taking over me now. It existed way back four years ago when I was a consistent representative of different competitions in high school and really, it felt really good to represent our school especially when I won competitions that would bring honor to our school and city. But now, this is different, aside from I’d be bringing the USeP’s reputation, I’d be also representing my own self and indeed, the success that I’d be attaining from the said exam would be for my own benefit. I’ll be the one who would mainly gain an advantage from it but then, I just really can’t take the pressure. If only, I was given enough time to have an extreme training maybe I’d have the chance to get a good result. I was thinking of withdrawing and I will give it to my friend Abading the slot to take the exam for free…

But…okay…okay… have to grab the chance… indeed… it’s a very good opportunity…

Go go go me…


  • rsgamboa

    good luck s philnits exams ....gud lak s imo research ...hehe

  • informaxona

    tnx sir...huhu... prexur au... by the way, the exam will actually take place on October.. This September 5 ay start pala ng review... i received a wrong info..hahaha but anyways, hindi na ako makakauwi pa sa samal..hometown ko...huhuhuhu fri to sunday ang review..wawa me...:(

  • March Dawn

    ok rah nah glai!..
    aja sa imo!..
    lamat sa comment!..

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