Attitude Reformation, Open Education and Population Growth Control

Sunday, August 17, 2008
These three are my personal ideas on how to improve our quality of life, derived from the State of the Nation Address (SONA) delivered by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last July 28, 2008. In her SONA, she had expressed well the different issues her country is facing right now. She has mentioned different solutions to at least alleviate our economic conditions presently. With this, I’ve also come up with three research topics in which I believe are keys that will contribute to the development of our nation. I have developed three concepts, the first topic concerns with human development through character building since we must start with the basics, and it is within us. Secondly, education, it is the best tool to succeed. If everyone will be entitled of it, then everyone could savor the fruit of success. Lastly, population growth control, we all know that Philippines is among of the countries which have a vast increase in the number of population annually. And unfortunately, most Filipinos cannot feed these new birthed children, in fact, they cannot even provide good living for themselves. Indeed, extensive population growth is one of the major factors why poverty in our country aggravates.

The following are my research topic proposals and its objectives:

Human Attitude Reformation: A key to alleviate Filipinos from poverty

The research would discuss on how human attitude affects his actions and decisions on how to handle certain situations specifically, poverty. Most of the Filipinos have different coping mechanisms in order to survive. The research will also attest that human’s success is anchored on good moral foundations.

1. To determine what are the perceptions of Filipinos toward poverty.
2. To determine what are the existing values being practiced by Filipinos.
3. To determine how do Filipinos cope up in times of economic difficulties.
4. To know what are the supports being extended by the government to alleviate Filipinos from poverty.
5. To identify what are the programs initiated by government and non-government institutions that concern with Filipinos’ character reorganization.
6. To come up with appropriate recommendations relative to poverty alleviation.

Open Education for All: An Approach for the Betterment of the Filipino Society

Most of the Filipinos suffering from poverty are unemployed. And most of these jobless people are undereducated. With this, the research would discuss on one of the factors for an individual to succeed, education. Open education refers to the freeing of education to all individuals regardless of the classes they belong in the society. The research will support the concept that if education is open to all, each of the Filipinos will have a brighter future ahead of them, and each of them will contribute to the society’s development.

1. To determine what are the different perceptions of Filipinos toward the importance of education.
2. To determine the no. of Filipinos who go to school and identify the educational attainment level most of them is finished.
3. To identify what are the different scholarship programs initiated by both government and non-government institutions to help poor but deserving out-of-school youth.
4. To identify the essential factors involved in the realization of the said approach.
5. To design a model that would illustrate how open education could benefit different entities.
6. To come up with suitable recommendations in order for the said approach to produce good and effective results.

Managing Population Growth to Attain Genuine Development

The very nature of widespread poverty in the Philippines is the uncontrollable growth of population. Though there are some programs initiated by both government and non-government organizations to help lessen or control the extensive population growth, the key for the attainment of these still lies on the people’s choice. Perhaps, a more effective approach is needed in the proper management of population growth.

1. To determine the annual increase of the number of population by category based on the different levels in the society.
2. To identify the significant factors or issues that causes the extensive population growth.
3. To identify the different programs developed and promoted by both government and non-government institutions to help control the population growth.
4. To determine the different approaches in population growth control, how these approaches be applied and what are the expected outputs from these.
5. To determine the different manners in attaining genuine development by proper management of population growth.
6. To identify the different mechanisms in encouraging the people to understand the concept of population growth control by educating them the importance of sex discipline for the attainment of it.
7. To design a framework that would guide us on how the population growth management be achieved.
8. To come up with appropriate recommendations in attaining actual development, relative to population growth management.

Those were only proposals and were just part of our CS Research Methods assignment. We are asked to derive three research topics from President GMA’s SONA on how to improve the quality of life. Though, the said research topic proposals would not be actually studied, still, making use of my proposed research topics would highly require my authorization. Thank you.


  • rejserenity

    awtz.. there so many research topic to be created from SONA 2008... the topics would really elevate the quality of Filipino life if these concern would be developed.. hehehe

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  • rsgamboa

    nice observation on PGMA's SONA ...

  • Julaysa Halilio

    -yah i do agree that Filipinos should learn to manage the population growth in every family...

    --nyc topics...

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