A war against viruses

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
My personal computer bought almost 2 years ago was actually reformatted thrice already. It was reformatted coz of viruses that destructed my system. And that time, we had no other choice but to restore my system back to its original disk drive containing no data. Mr. Voltaire Solamo, my relative and at the same time, father’s trusted computer technician assisted me to the whole process of reformatting my hard drives. He also instructed me to backup my files and it was actually, a tough one. I had to burn all my files to at most 10 compact discs excluding the installers for different applications installed to my system. With the help of him, I was able to recover my computer system to (like) a new one.

I still didn’t have any idea that time that reformatting our disk is not good at all. According to our Data Communication and Networking subject instructor, Sir Ariel Reyes, reformatting the system will cause some crashes to the disk which is not good at all especially if it’s done several times. He added that in the event that there are really destructive viruses that will attack our system, reformatting must be the last choice, actually, as much as possible, it must be out of the choices. It is not advisable to reformat our hard drives whenever we encounter such situation. He said that there are other ways, effective and efficient ways to solve such problems.

Learning that from him, I was able to prove his statements right. I researched for best ways to prevent, protect and secure my system from viruses. There was actually one moment that I have eradicated, destroyed and even fought the viruses in my system like I was in a war with viruses.

The following are just some of my methods to prevent, eradicate or remove the viruses:

• I installed Antivirus software in my computer. These are AVG 8.0 Free Edition and Avast! 4.8 Home Edition. Actually, these 2 antivirus software are not those efficient detectors of viruses. That’s why I paired EditPlus 3 software to them. EditPlus 3 can be downloaded at Download.com. This software is actually, an Internet-ready 32-bit Text editor, HTML editor and Programmer's editor for Windows. But aside from these features, the important characteristic why I am using this one is that on its left pane contains the directory which you can view all your files whether it’s a system or hidden files, under the specified directory. What’s the use of this? When you insert your USB, after scanning it with your choice antivirus software (there are some viruses that couldn’t be detected by any antivirus software), I suggest you to open the directory of your flash disk with EditPlus, change the directory to the letter of your removable disk, then under it shows all files stored in your USB, you should look for strange files added to your removable disk (since you’re the owner, it is just natural that you know or at least, you’re familiar of all files stored in your removable disk). Example of this is autorun.inf, you should delete this file and other suspicious files or folders. And, if you have folders created in your removable disk, you should open at least one folder and in same way, look for suspicious files, if you find them, it is expected that all folders also contain them since if one folder contain a particular virus, expectedly, all other folders also have them. Delete these suspicious files in each folder. Note that you should also be careful on what files you’d delete, if you’re not sure, search for that particular file in the internet and find out if it’s harmful or not. Most of the viruses have an extension of .exe. By the way, if you can’t change the current directory to the directory of your USB, you should change the letter of your removable disk by going to Control Panel (Switch to Classic View)>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management>Right Click the Removable Disk then Change the Drive Letter>Back to EditPlus
• The 1st method is to prevent viruses from infecting your system. Removable disks are the common storage media where the viruses being transmitted and reside. If you will not perform the 1st method I’ve discussed and you’d double click the infected USB in opening it (double clicking a particular drive will trigger the virus to execute its application), the system will automatically be infected. The virus now resides in your system and it would be definitely hard to trace by Editplus since it uses different resources already. This time, you should scan your system with very effective Antivirus software. In the event that it can’t still detect such viruses, you should restore the system using System Restore to an earlier time by going to Control Panel (Switch to Category View)>Performance and Maintenance>System Restore (left pane)>follow steps
• The second method is to restore your system at an earlier time when the system was still unaffected by the virus. But you can also manually trace for viruses if you’re smart, patient and wise enough. Just press Ctrl+Alt+Del or the task manager and look for strange processes being executed in your system (this sometimes requires enough knowledge on what are the usual processes being executed in your system). If you noticed something unusual in the list of processes, you should search your whole computer with that particular process name and locate them (some viruses contain the same name with their processes name). Delete them immediately. (Note that you should be careful in deleting system files since you might be deleting important system files that would change the way your computer performs or worst, would disable or destroy your system. You must be proficient enough to perform this method. Anyways, if you’ve done a mistake, you can simply restore it using System Restore if it’s applicable.)
• The third method requires special knowledge, confidence and patience to fight or trace for viruses. This last one requires determination and special discipline. You should be responsible enough to update the virus databases of your Antivirus software to be always protected from the viruses being created every now and then. You should also be persistent enough to do the 1st method to avoid viruses to infect your system. Indeed, Editplus has helped me a lot in tracing for viruses before they transmit or infect to my system.
• If you have any questions or if you need assistance regarding with viruses, you can contact me by sending me an email at glaiyze@yahoo.com. Please indicate the subject as “Virus”.

"You are wise if you can outdo the creators of viruses.


  • hannah hernandez

    ..war against viruses talaga.!!! kahit na sa school computer lab nga natin ang dami.. parang useless lang ang antivirus doon kasi instead na maprotect ang computer and usb natin from viruses, yung computers mismo nagbibigay ng virus sa atin. lalo na yung COOL USEP SCandal na virus. Ang sama pa ng name nuh.!!

  • informaxona

    the lab in charge is just not that concern enough to protect our computers from viruses...

  • Mr. Wilson

    What is the use of going into a war with the viruses when the basic infrastructure where you should learn how to protect your own unit from viruses are the main cultivator of this viruses..

  • informaxona

    that's when the time that we should smart and wise enough to outdo them...

  • fatherlyours

    Nicely written explanation. I also learned to format my hard disk from our technician but I only learned now that it is bad for our hard disk.

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