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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This is the only statement I could easily remember from the State of the Nation Address (SONA) of our President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. She said that the cost of text messages would cut to 50% or 50 cents per text message. This somehow was good news for text addicts who were not disconcerted with the present crisis in our nation. Weird to think, but some of Filipinos still have budget for cellphone loads even if they could hardly afford to acquire their basic needs in life like food.

In point of fact, Philippines is the text capital of the world. This fact is indeed very contrasting to the reality that our country is among to the poverty-stricken countries in the world. Oddly, if we think deeply into this fact, we could say that some would rather text than to eat. Like just what I’ve experienced last week, I was riding a “trisikad” (it’s like a tricycle manually driven by the driver), the driver has asked me how much is Nokia 7610, though I wasn’t really familiar with the said unit he mentioned, his question has shocked me to the fact that he’s so interested to buy the said unit. Looking at him, he’s honestly, I could say, one of the unfortunate citizens in this country, the very first consideration that has come out into my mind is the source for his cellphone load expenses. With no discriminations, I could say that owning a cellphone in his status must be less prioritized. In fact, it would just be an additional to his daily budget and most likely, another load to his burden. That event has made me realized that indeed, there are just really some people who have forgotten the very significant difference or distinction between needs and wants.

Going back to the SONA of President GMA, her critics expectedly, were not impressed with this news. Of course, texting indeed shouldn’t be concerned that much. In my own opinion, texting has nothing to assist or at least, alleviate the current dilemma in our nation. Well, personally, this was a no bad news for me since I’m beginning to make a wise budget for my allowance. Indeed, as a student, this information has helped me in a way, to save my allowance, and has provided me a good budget in cellphone loads. However, this news has brought confusions to people since actually, this 50 cent-cost per text message was in fact, just one of the promos of the telecommunication companies like Smart, Sun and Touch Mobile. And according to these companies, the promo is just good for 3 months but could be extended if there’ll be a good response from cellphone users. This made me think, was it just a perfect coincidence that the promo started just as the SONA was addressed by President GMA? Making her to look good in 3 months for texters? What then would happen after that span of time? Hopefully, this promo they endorsed would stay long or desirably, permanent…


  • _elated_

    You're definitely right. Nowadays, people tend to say that without the use of cellphones, we cannot communicate with other people especially if they are so far from us. As a matter of fact, it is the most easiest way for us to convey our message to others and because of what did GMA have said in her SONA regarding the decrease of the cost of the text message, it is really for our own benefit but sad to know, as what you've said, it is only a promo and we all wish that it is not just for a while but instead, it should be permanent...

  • kharen

    I've heard about that and the telecom even pointed out that thier promo has nothing to do with the SONA or the government. Very funny indeed.

  • hannah hernandez

    ..true, that in this time cellphones are really regarded as a necessity but I think that she should have exerted her thoughts, time and effort into other pressing matters than making the value of text to .50 cents.
    PS: i heard that this text value is only for a short period of time. A promo only, so over-all its a useless topic in her SONA.

  • Warlock

    making the said promo permanent would really be a big help specially for us students. we'll just hope that the telecom companies would get a positive response from cellphone users... ^_^

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