The role of research topic in deciding your future career…

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Basically, the research topic is related to our field. Concentrating on the chosen subject will foretell that our future career would definitely be associated with the research topic. As I’ve said, the research topic would concern or relate to the field of Information Technology since it is in this field that we are more familiar and experienced with and importantly, we could simply interrelate with. With this, I could say that the research topic would certainly help me in determining in which track I’ll be trailing in the future. Definitely, the research topic would be a good basis that it is in this particular field I’ve done extremely well and would be a good foundation in choosing my future career. In other words, the research topic is a good determinant in which field I’ll be taking for my future career.


  • rejserenity

    choosing research topic in line with our field and interest would also be our key to have confidence in facing our future profession. aja!

  • hannah hernandez

    HMMM.. Some higher told me that the subject is a bit complex yet they don't actually blab about the complexity of the subject but to the professor who is handling this subject.
    anyways, hope you do well. What you need in learning research is a lot of time and patience. Reading every now and then will help you too.

  • marco

    Yes, we have similar thoughts. It is really significant for our future career.

  • sNaGe_nEsZs

    do you think we could create a good research paper considering that IT related issues are so broad as well as in a fast-paced transition?

  • informaxona

    maybe... if we'll be given ample time to conduct the said research..

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