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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Being in the field of information technology, it is more sensible to research topics concerning or related to our field. Firstly, we are more familiar and experienced in this field and importantly, we could easily interact to the topic. For me, it’s desirable to focus on the research on the fast innovations of technology and know what other possible technologies that could help us in our daily lives, especially, concentration on nanotechnology. Perhaps, research on human computer interaction is also a great topic to study. Studying human computer interaction must include the different moral values human should possess in utilizing a very powerful tool, technology. I believe that there are things we need to discover beyond the power of the technology. And these are the humans, who are behind these accelerative thrust. Knowing their basic moral foundation is one of the important things we just overlooked in the past. Maybe, a good research of it would help us be better IT individuals.


  • rendell

    I have a similar idea with you but one of my question concern is, Do we have the current and right knowledge, and enough resources about the area we pursue? I say so because development in ICT is truly rapid.

  • informaxona

    yeah.. i agree.. that's the time that we have to maximize our resources and strengthen our patience to look for further resources that could assist us in the course of our research..

  • charmj

    i think your idea is true and it is with genuine concern.we all have our own ideas wherein where do we realy want to address our research topics..(",)

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