Research evaluation

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Since research provides new knowledge and information, it must be considered that a research should be reliable and justifiable. With this, a research should be evaluated by the validity of its content and its impact to the reader. It should be able too to express to the reader the essential information contained in the research paper. Also, the research should also be evaluated on how the ideas being organized and presented in the research paper.


  • rejserenity

    yah., research must be justifiable.. and it must contains relevant and accurate info., in addition., it must not be bias., that is why before we make our conclusion., there is further experimentations and observations made...

  • _elated_

    As an AB English student, it is then our responsibility to make sure that our research will be accurate and reasonable by evaluating its content. with that, we can assure that this research that we are going to make is definitely reliable.

  • geLan eam

    well, yah.. it must be relatively true. you must consider the facts about the research and not that you are only presenting it for grades.

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