ACM, i3E and CSP: The top-tier journals

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
CSP, ACM and i3E are just among to those recognized research publishers nowadays. They guarantee that information contained in every research paper being submitted is archived well. And the most important pro you could certainly get from them is that it would help your research work catch a wide audience, of course, taking advantage of the internet.

One important factor I’ve learned from these 3 top-tier journals in publishing a research work is that it would pass the so-called relatedness to the topic area the researchers have chosen to study. But of course there are some requirements they should submit in order for their research works to be published. These are, firstly, they must provide their paper with a specific format, then an abstract and finally, the researcher should categorize their research works in which topic area they fall.

Most importantly, these 3 top-tier journals are very concerned with the quality, validity and reliability of the research works they are going to publish since definitely, the research works would somehow reflect to the publishers of these research works.


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    wew. hoping that one of your research will be published by the said publishers.

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